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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 1 – What Burns in the Darkness and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

The Butcher’s Bill

USS Edinburgh
May 17, 2400
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USS Edinburgh – Sickbay – 0920

“25 injured. 7 serious enough to keep them here and 1 critical.  The rest we confined to quarters until we could do a house call in a few hours to check their vitals and see how they’re progressing.”  They stood in Reid’s office as she handed him a PADD, “We were lucky, Commander.”  She waited as he read through the reports.

“We had help, Lieutenant.  It was chance that Chief Thasaz knew the history of the two other captains.  Hindsight being what it is…I don’t think we would have made it out of that nebula alive….or we’d be crawling out.”  He handed the PADD back to her.

“Not a believer in luck, sir?”

“Luck is a dangerous thing to believe in space.  I’ve seen enough people rely on it…or believe in it enough that when the moment comes where they need to cut their losses and run…”

Reid made the connection, “They think luck’ll get ‘em through…instead their luck runs out and that’s the end of their story.  Never thought of it that way.”

The CO shrugged, “These are the things you learn the hard way out here.  Let’s meet our patients, Doc.”  She led him out to meet the remaining crew in sickbay.  He met with each officer and crewman in the biobeds.  Reid watched as he pulled up a stool to each bedside and spoke in low and encouraging tones as he listened to the injured tell their story.  Harris made sure to find out more about each of them beyond just their wounds.  He had served under callous commanding officers in the past.  He’d always been told that trust was built in the trenches and with the survivors.  It mattered to him to do this sacred duty with each of them.  There could come a day where they would have a hand in saving the rest of the ship…or even himself.  Trust was a sacred thing among the souls aboard a starship.  He finished with the most critically injured – an engineer who’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time in the battle.  They returned to her office and they took their respective seats.  “They’re sending a chief counseling officer and five counselors.”

Reid glanced up, “That’s some of the best news I’ve heard in a while.”

The CO winced, “Well, that’s the good news.  She’s a lieutenant commander with years of experience…they reactivated her because of the needs of the fleet.  Apparently, they’ve started pulling in retirees willing…or unwilling.  That’s a rumor, mind you.”

Reid stared at him, “She’ll outrank me by a country mile, Ambrose.”

“Yes…yes she will.”

“Get to it then.”

He sat back and put his hands up, “Not sure if I want to do it with this version of Jordan Reid, Chief Medical Officer.”

She sighed and motioned for him to close the door, which he did.  A moment of silence held, “I know it’s probably the best move for…whatever our thing is or ends up being…it just…I was a first officer on a starship.  And not a dinky little Raven either.”  She grumbled, “Once you get a taste of something greater…it’s hard to adjust your diet.”  She looked away from him and dabbed at her eyes, “My parents were so proud of me for getting the brass ring at 25.”  A sigh and she turned her attention to him, “Tell me my bad news that I already know but you have to tell me anyway.  I’ll get over it eventually.”

He felt a part of his heartache for her as he did as she asked, “Effective at 1000 hours today, You will relinquish your title of First Officer of the USS Edinburgh to our Chief Counselor, Lieutenant Commander Blanchefleur Courtemanche.”

Jordan chuckled dryly, “I will stand relieved of my duties at 1000 hours.”  She glanced out the windows of her office, “My crew saved some lives today, Ambrose.”  She felt some pride in her heart build, “They weren’t perfect…but they were good.”  The doctor met his gaze, “Dinner tonight?”

The CO smiled, “I think that’s allowed.”  He stood and walked to the office door but stopped in the opening, turning to her for a moment, “Tell them they did well, Lieutenant Reid.  Let them know.  The miracles of praise for a job well done…it can affect future careers and lives.”  He gave her a wave and headed to the turbolift.  HIs badge beeped as he left sickbay.

=^=Kondo to Commander Harris.  They’ve located Rexin.  He’s locked himself in with our two remaining survivors.=^=

Harris stopped in the corridor, “That was a very pregnant pause, Mr. Kondo.  What’s going on?”

=^=Apparently one of the survivors is helping him hold the other hostage…with a charged phaser rifle.  They’re demanding passage off the ship and free travel.  Or they’ll kill the hostage and then blow the ship.  They’ve already taken shots at the Romulan rescue group.  They confirm that there is a very good chance Rexin could destroy the part of the ship they are in – and cause significant damage to us and the other Romulan Warbirds.  They want to kill the bas…him.  I told them they needed to wait for you, sir. =^=

The CO grumbled, “I’m sure they were as pleased as Romulan Ale about that.  Are transporters back online?”  Kondo answered in the affirmative and Harris replied, “I’ll change into an away team uniform and equipment in my ready room.  Have Chief meet me there as soon as possible.”  The channel closed and he entered the turbolift.

Deck, please?

Harris groaned, “Oh don’t you start again. Bridge, fast as you can.”  The computer beeped affirmatively and headed to deck 1.