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Part of USS Saratoga: Facing the Storm and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign


USS Saratoga - Aarius VII
January 2400
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Within the hour things were beginning with the evacuation, teams that were aboard the Saratoga in their designated place with security at key locations that would be off-limits to civilians as a precaution. As they began to come on board either by transporter or shuttle they were directed on where to go by guides, some will be in the vacant quarters where others would be spread out throughout the ship.

Some were taken to sickbay for treatment due to injury while leaving before going to where they would wait. “Sir, the USS Oneida is on her way back with her first group, looks like the governor and his dignitaries and their families are on board,” Ritru said monitoring communications.

She turned to Dazra at the tactical station, “go down and escort them to the VIP section of the ship.” Azras replied as she nodded leaving her station and headed down to where the Oneida would be docking any moment now.

She sat there looking out of the viewscreen watching shuttles coming and going, she couldn’t help but look at the time. Sighing heavily she knew that they would be cutting things very close, she hoped that they would be done and gone before the storm started.

The bridge was quiet no one was saying anything but watching things unfold, meanwhile down in the infirmary things were getting a bit hectic as people came in with broken bones, concussions, and other injuries from people pushing and shoving their way to the shuttles or transporter sites.

Linha was just finishing treating a patient when the doors to the infirmary opened revealing a couple of officers carrying someone who seemed to have been stabbed. Teila rushed over to assist with getting him up on the biobed, “what happened?” Teila asked as things have only been minor, this was her first stabbing patient.

“From what we were told by witnesses that someone told him to get out of the way and when he didn’t he was stabbed” one of the security officers replied. “We will find out more once we question him, he’s currently being held in our brig as it happened while on the ship.” The officer replied as Teila nodded.

“Thank you,” Teila replied as the security officers left and she began to help the man on the table. Taking a hypospray she pressed it against his neck, “this should help with the pain.” She said as the guy nodded, as she began to work.

Linha looked at Teila, “do you need assistance?” She asked as the patient she had just finished with hopped down from the biobed and walked out.

Looking over, “I am good just keep going with the line of patients.” Teila replied as Linha nodded moving on to the next one.

Meanwhile, Dazra had made it down to the docking bay where the Oneida had just docked as people were making their way off. The officers that were there currently would lead the refugees to where they needed to go, Dazra would be escorting the dignitaries and their families to the VIP section along with a couple of her security officers.

“I am Lieutenant Commander Dazra Loian, we will be escorting you to the VIP quarters,” Dazra replied as they nodded and began to follow them out of the docking bay just as the Oneida finished unloading and disembarking again.

“Thank you, Commander,” S’Res replied as they followed their escort down the corridor.

Dazra nodded as they made their way, this would take longer as they walked the longer way avoiding the other refugees that were filling most of the corridors as they were arriving on board the ship.

It was a pretty quiet walk, Dazra was not much for small talk but the dignitaries seemed to be talking amongst themselves anyways. After a while of walking, they finally arrived at the VIP section of the ship.

“We have arrived,” Dazra replied as she showed everyone to their quarters. “You will have access to the replicators, there is a kitchen in each room. There is also a small restaurant area down the hall if you like to go there as well,” Dazra said.

“These two will be here if you have any questions or need assistance,” she added as the two security officers took their places.

“Thank you,” S’Res and the others replied before she headed off back to the bridge.


A few hours had passed, “Sir the other ships are reporting that they are at full capacity and heading off towards the refugee world.” Ritru reported from her console looking at the Captain.

“Understood,” Azras replied before turning her attention to Jeesa.

“How many more people do we have left to evacuate?” Azras asked as things were getting closer.

Jeesa was at her console and began scanning, “it looks like they are loading the last of them aboard the shuttles now.” Jeesa replied still scanning to make sure everyone was evacuated.

“Once the shuttles and our people are back onboard, set course for the refugee world,” Azras ordered as Deza nodded.

“Sir,” Jeesa pipped up as her console beeped. “The storm is almost here,” she replied with urgency in her voice just as the last shuttle docked.

“Sir, all shuttles and personnel are on board,” Odan replied as Deza pulled away from orbit and went to warp, they were out of the area just in the nick of time as the storm hit the area and the planet began to be hit.

Azras sank in her chair with a sigh of relief as they had cut it too close, T’Prel walked onto the bridge and took her seat next to the Captain. “That was too close for comfort,” T’Prel replied as Azras nodded in agreement.

“You have the bridge,” Azras replied as she stood up and walked into her office. Grabbing a cup of coffee she walked over to the window, standing there she looked out with a sigh. She was glad that their mission was successful and they were able to rescue everyone before the storm made its appearance to wreak havoc on the planet.

“You alright my love?” Azrin replied walking in.

Looking over at him she smiled, “now I am.” Azras replied as her husband walked up to her and they both sat down enjoying each other’s company alone for a while as the ship traveled to their destination.

“I am just glad we were able to save everyone,” she said looking at him who nodded in agreement.

“To think things could have turned out way different,” Arzin said.

“Indeed,” she replied taking a sip of her coffee. “I am glad things went the way they did, they are safe and out of danger,” Azras added as they continued to talk for a while before Arzin kissed her and walked out of the office so she could finish some paperwork before turning in for the night.


  • Ah! A nice safe and happy ending without too much drama to cause any headaches for Captain Dex!

    March 20, 2022
  • And in the nick of time! There would be a whole bunch of challenges in bringing refugees aboard, like the in-fighting, so it's good to see stuff like that addressed. A successful first (proper) mission for the Saratoga!

    March 20, 2022