Part of USS Odyssey: Shattered Storm and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

Two Bundles of Joy And A Broken Heart

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), Paulson Nebula, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 94102.7 (7th February 2417)
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The moment the last Hirogen fell to the ground, Jorgeh fell to his knees from exhaustion. 

“You okay, Jor?” Alfie asked as he approached from behind and lowered his phaser rifle after shooting the Hirogen that had been chasing him down the corridor. Offering his friend a helping hand to get back up, Alfie did his best to calm his breathing down. 

“Yeah,” Jorgeh replied as he wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand and slowly got up with the assistance of his friend. “How far are we until the next conduit?”

Placing his rifle over his shoulder with the strap that was over his neck, Alfie pulled out his tricorder. “Just around this corner and surprise surprise, I’m detecting two life signs ahead.” He closed the tricorder as his expression changed from being tired to one mixed with anxiety, apprehension and concern .

“Alf,  are you sure you want to do this?” Jorgeh asked, placing his left hand on Alfie’s right shoulder.

Nodding, Alfie showed his conviction. “We always knew this day would come and I need to do this.”

“And you promise me, you don’t have some sort of secret order to save her?” Jorgeh checked. “Because I promise you now that I will knock you out if you pull the same nonsense you pulled on me with your brothers.”

“I promise, on our friendship that I won’t interfere.” Alfie said solemnly and then he looked Jorgeh in the eye. “I know I can’t Jor, but knowing you’re there with me helps.”

Appreciating the sentiment, Jorgeh let go of his friend as they made their way around the corner and found two people they knew well.

On his knees, holding a small bundle of wrapped up sheets and running a tricorder over its contents was Jorgeh’s brother, Wylem. Wearing a cerulean blue Starfleet science uniform and with the rank of lieutenant, Wylem was deep in his work, showing off his medical expertise. In this time frame he was one of the Odyssey’s doctors. Instantly, Wylem looked up and gave a friendly smile. “It’s about time you two showed up.” He said.

Kneeling down beside him, Alfie made his way over to the other person with Wylem. “How is she Wylem?” He asked as he placed his hand over Wylem’s other patient.

“She can answer for herself.” The woman, who wore a gold Starfleet uniform with the rank of lieutenant, spoke in a tone of voice showing she was exhausted herself and somewhat in pain. “I’m so glad you’re here to witness this Alf.” She said weakly as she held out the bundle she had in her hands. “Knowing you’re here to see them, makes this all special.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Alfie said as he leaned in and kissed the woman’s forehead and closed his eyes, trying his best to hold back the tears.

Wylem looked up at his brother and gave him a weak smile before returning to his patient. “I’m so sorry Alf.” He whispered. 

“I know you are Wylem.” Alfie wept as he held on to the woman as he took one more glance at the infant she held. 

    Jorgeh stood there, watching down as his best friend held the woman who became his wife and who had just given birth to his godchildren. Linnis McCallister, the Ocampa wife of Alfie McCallister, had joined the Odyssey four years ago and in that time span both her and Alfie had fallen madly in love with one another. Jorgeh had served as Alfie’s best man at their wedding only a year ago, but both men knew that this day would come. It would be the day when the Odyssey had been boarded by the Hirogen. While trying to save a heavily pregnant Linnis from the invaders, Wylem had tried to hide her in one of the small junctions while she gave birth. However, she had been shot in their escape by a Hirogen which forced Wylem to speed up her pregnancy to protect the twins she would deliver. All of this led to her death. It was a point in time that he knew that Alfie had regretted not being there to be with her as he had been on the bridge during the battle, so when it was noted that this time frame had appeared, Alfie was certain he would be there to be with his wife as she took her last breath and he’d be there to protect his children. 

“I love you.” He heard Alfie whisper into Linnis gold platinum hair as she handed him their son, Tarrik.

Alfie smiled with joy as the tears continued to roll down his cheeks, he then passed the infant up to Jorgeh to take. Holding his future-godson-to-be, Jorgeh smiled knowing that one day this small child would grow quickly thanks to his Ocampan genes before working out how to use his mixed heritage of Human and El-Aurian inheritance to slow his life down. The same would happen to his sister, Karyn who was being held by Wylem. Both infants would bring Alfie joy as he raised them as a single parent without Linnis. It would make him a stronger person and naming his daughter to honour his mother would be just the icing on the cake. 

One more hug and Alfie soon looked over to Wylemn who’s medical tricorder soon gave the alert that Linnis had taken her last breath. He kept her close for a bit longer, told her he loved her one more time before he soon realised he needed to get on with their mission. 

“You sure you’re ready?” Jorgeh asked as he handed Tarrik over to his brother’s free arm.

Alfie nodded after getting assurance from Wylem he would protect them. “If we’re lucky this may change everything and Linnis may not have to die here.”

“We can only hope.” Jorgeh assured Alfie before they helped his brother take shelter in a nearby empty room with the latest additions to the mighty McCallister clan. 

Finding the conduit they needed to activate, Jorgeh looked at his friend, who was showing his determination to now get the job done, and knew that this was a bad idea of bringing him into this time frame. If he had the chance he knew he would question his father’s decision over it.