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A Change

USS Vesta / USS Saratoga
December 2399
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Adams was in her ready room standing near the window, she had just lost her first officer. Though she was happy that he finally got his own command and he definitely deserved it, she had worked with him for so long things were going to be strange without his guidance or his advice. He kept her grounded when things were not going the way she thought they should go, and always had a different way of thinking about things that made her rethink her orders or decisions on certain things. Though there were times where she stuck her ground, or when she had no choice in the matter as was with their last few missions due to the Omega Directive being in place. She had been lost in thought before she heard her computer go off, looking towards where her computer was located she raised an eyebrow wondering who it was.

Walking over to her desk she turned on her computer to see Fleet Captain Azras Dex on the other side of the screen. “Sir, what do I owe this pleasure?” She asked thinking it might be their next mission.

“I know you just lost your first officer but there is about to be more change,” Azras replied looking at the Adams who she could tell was worried and confused.

“What do you mean Captain?” Adams asked if things couldn’t get any worse.

“We have decided that we are reassigning you and your crew, the Vesta will be sent back to Earth’s spacedock for reassignment,” Azras replied though she held up her hand to stop Adams from speaking up as she was not finished. “You and your crew will all be moving over to the USS Saratoga an Odyssey-class starship that has just docked at Devron Fleet Yards after finishing her first refit,” Azras said as she could tell she was stunned and confused at the same time.

Adams looked at her, the Odyssey-class was a very large explorer. “How come and why a large ship like the Odyssey?” Adams finally asked after a few moments of silence.

“We feel it more suites what your mission parameters are, think of this as an upgrade. The Odyssey’s are a beautiful ship,” Azras replied as she tapped a few buttons sending over the file. “That file should really explain the rest,” Azras added looking at the Captain who was just trying to process everything. “I’ll be in contact with your next mission soon,” Azras replied as she was about to end the comm channel when Azras remembered something. “Oh, you will be seeing an influx of new crewmembers being assigned to the Saratoga as well over the next couple of days,” Azras replied.

“Aye Captain,” Adams said as the comm channel closed. Sitting there for a moment trying to process what she had just been told, “an Odyssey?” she asked herself looking towards the door of her ready room. After a few moments, she snapped back to reality and tapped her commbadge, “all senior staff report to conference room immediately.” Adams said as she ended the comm channel, she had then sent a shipwide notice to the rest of the crew informing them of the reassignment.

After a moment of collecting her thoughts, she got up from her chair and headed out onto the bridge and directly into the conference room. Sitting down she saw that her senior staff plus one had arrived, “Thank you all for coming so quickly.” Adams said as she looked at each of them who looked confused as to what was going on. “I am sure you’re wondering why I have called you here,” Adams said as they all just nodded in agreement without really saying anything.

“As you probably all ready aware that Commander Tajir Derohl was promoted to the rank of Captain and given his own command, the USS Aquarius a Resolute-class starship,” she said as the rest of them nodded as they all were happy to see him get the position. “I just received more news from Fleet Captain Azras Dex,” she added which caused everyone to look at each other before looking back at the Captain.

“What is going on?” Deza asked as she spoke up before anyone else did.

“We are being reassigned to the USS Saratoga, an Odyssey-class starship, the Vesta is being sent back to Earth for a refit and reassignment,” Adams replied as she shifted in her seat as everyone else was just as shocked as she was when she heard the news.

“Why an Odyssey?” Jheria asked though she wouldn’t mind the change as Vesta-class systems could be a pain as it needed constant work and monitoring with all the systems that were considered classified and with how fast the ship was, with the Odyssey though there would be another senior assistant chief to basically run the other engineering team on the saucer section.

“The Vesta-class is more geared towards long-range missions out of Federation space for long periods of time,” she replied taking a breath “our mission is one of humanitarian aid and diplomacy and the Odyssey-class fits that criteria,” Adams replied looking at everyone.

“That makes sense,” Jeesa spoke up.

“Would mean that we can do more than what we could have on the Vesta,” Chon’al added in agreement.

“There would be a lot more crew being assigned as well,” Adams added.

“When does this all take place?” Dazra asked after sitting there quietly at the end of the table as she always sat.

“We would start packing and moving immediately, as the Vesta is scheduled to depart first thing in the morning with her skeleton crew,” Adams replied as she knew it was still early morning so they are able to get things done before then.

“Understood,” Dazra replied.

“Does the rest of the crew know?” Odan asked.

“Yes, I sent them all a message with our orders.” Adams replied as she looked around the conference room at each one of her senior staff, “does anyone else have any other questions?” Adams asked looking at them as no one spoke up, “all alright, you are all dismissed.” Adams replied as the staff stood up and all walked out of the conference room noticing that everyone that was on the bridge was gone to pack, there was only a skeleton crew left on the bridge.

Adams was the last to leave the conference room, walking into her ready room she would quickly pack what little she had in there before heading to her quarters to pack. Once finished, she had the crate sent over to her new ready room aboard the Saratoga, taking one last look around her office she walked out and headed towards the turbolift.

Stopping just as she was about to enter, looking around the bridge for a few moments. She was going to miss the Vesta but knew she was onto better things with the Saratoga. Walking in taking a deep breath, “quarters.” Adams ordered the lift as the doors closed shut behind her and began to move towards its destination. After a few minutes, the lift reached its destination and came to a stop as the doors hissed open. Walking out she made her way down the corridor to her quarters to begin to pack, which would take a couple of hours as she had quite a lot to pack.

Hours had passed by as the crew finished packing and sending crates over to the Saratoga, Adams had just finished and was already on board the Saratoga. Her quarters were almost the size of a small apartment. “This is a luxury ship more like it,” she mumbled to herself wondering where to even begin to unpack. Things were going to take getting used to especially on a ship this size, walking over to the replicator as she was going to be in for a late night.

“Raktajino,” Adams said as the replicator came to life and the cup appeared. Taking the cup she began to walk over to the couch in the living room, she wanted to relax for a bit before she got to work again to unpack. Just as she sat down, taking a sip of her drink the door chime went off, ‘who could that be?’ she asked herself as she looked towards the door. “Enter,” she replied as the doors opened to reveal the visitor.

Chon’al entered as he took a look around, “these quarters are huge compared to those on the Vesta.” He commented as he walked over to her and joined her on the couch, kissing her. “What do you think?” He asked as she looked at him.

“Still trying to process it all, wasn’t expecting to be reassigned to a different ship let alone a ship like the Odyssey-class,” Adams admitted as she took another sip of her Raktajino.

“I have already unpacked my things which trust me isn’t very much, would you like some help?” Chon’al asked looking at her.

“That would be great as I think I would have been an all-night job if it was just me with a room this size,” she answered.

“Though I thought first, I can make us some dinner,” Chon’al said as he noticed her kitchen area which looked amazing.

“That actually would be nice, I really haven’t had much to eat today other than a few snacks here and there.” She replied as she sat there drinking her coffee, “while you do that I am going to explore the rest of my quarters more” she added.

Getting up from the couch he headed over to the kitchen and began to replicate the ingredients he needed, “I think I am going to like this ship.” Chon’al said with a hearty chuckle as Makayla got up from the couch.

“Indeed,” she replied as she went off to explore.

As Chon’al was cooking she explored her quarters after a while she worked her way back to the kitchen, she could smell the delicious food he was cooking. “Smells delicious,” she said as he was just about finished.

“Thanks, it’s a new recipe I found called chicken cacciatore or something like that.” He replied that he was always trying new foods and recipes he would come across.

“That sounds delicious as it smells,” Makayla replied with a grin. “These quarters are like a small apartment, I got my own office on the lower level and my bedroom, bathroom, and a spare bedroom all on the second level. Full kitchen and dining area and a large living area,” Adams said as he looked over at her.

“I know, mine is not as big as yours but is sure bigger than my quarters were on the Vesta for sure,” Chon’al replied as he finished cooking and started dishing up the plates. Once he was done he brought them over to the dining table and set them down, walking over to the replicator he looked at her. “What would you like to drink?” He asked as she looked at him for a moment.

“I think a good wine would be in order for a meal like this,” Adams replied as he agreed.

He replicated a good bottle of Chateau Picard and two wine glasses, picking them up he walked back over to the table setting the glasses down. He opened the bottle and poured both of them a glass. Setting the bottle in the middle of the table, he sat down and held up his glass. “Here is to the Saratoga and the many adventures we might have,” he toasted raising his glass.

She raised her glass as well, “cheers.” Adams replied as she took a sip, as the taste of the wine was better than any other wine she had before. Taking a bite of the food she closed her eyes for a moment to savor the taste. “You have outdone yourself yet, this is so delicious.” Makayla said as she finished chewing her food and swallowed, “you really have a talent for cooking.” She added with a smile.

“Thanks,” Chon’al replied as they both ate their dinner and chatted about different things from their day to how their vacation was which was relaxing and much needed after the last few missions and the stress it took on the crew. After they finished eating, Makayla cleaned up the dishes before they went to tackle unpacking.

“I have the crates marked for where they go, I’ll start with my office if you want to tackle the living kitchen area,” Makayla said looking at him as he nodded his reply, they went off in their directions grabbing the crate for the office she walked in. Looking around, there were large bookshelves along the wall near a small window with a window seat which was going to be nice for all the books she has collected over the years and still reads from time to time. Her desk was in the middle of the room though towards the farther wall, with chairs sitting in front of the desk, near the other wall adjacent to her desk was a couch with a coffee table as well as a side table with a lamp that was sitting on it.

She began to unpack the crate, placing each book in chronological order on the bookshelf with a few knickknacks here and there to make things look nice. Once she finished with her bookshelves she began to place other items where she wanted them including some pictures on the walls, mostly calm and relaxing pictures that made this an area where she could not only do work but relax and read her books in peace and quiet.

Once she finished with her office she had the crate transported to the cargo bay where it can be used again, walking back out of her office into the living area. “Finished already?” Adams asked Chon’al who nodded as she looked at it. “Just as I would have done it,” Makayla replied with a grin.

“I tried to do it as you had it on the Vesta, but on a bigger scale.” he replied as he looked at her, “I say we go tackle the rooms upstairs than we should be done after that,” Chon’al suggested as she nodded, grabbing the remaining crates and having them brought upstairs she began on her bedroom while he did the spare bedroom. After about an hour they finished unpacking and walked out of the rooms to the top of the balcony to look over everything.

Looking at the time as it was already getting late, she figured she unpack her ready room tomorrow morning as she was getting tired. “Time sure does fly by,” Makayla commented.

“It does,” he replied as he walked up to her and kissed her. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning,” Chon’al replied with a smile.

Returning the kiss she smiled, “see you in the morning.” Adams replied back as he walked down the stairs and headed out of her quarters and to his, she just stood there for a few more minutes looking at everything.

She decided that she would take a nice long hot bath, and a book before heading to bed, walking into the bathroom she ran the bathwater, getting it to a temperature that she liked, not too hot but where she could stand it to ease the aches she was feeling in her lower back. “Computer play soft music, volume low.” She said as the computer beeped and the music began to play, getting in the bath she took the book she was reading though this one was on a padd and not the normal paperback she loved. She began to soak in the tub while reading and listening to soft music.

After she finished her bath, she got dressed and walked down the stairs to get a cup of tea that helped her sleep at night, once she got her cup she sat on the chair that was near the window, she looked out as she could see the Vesta still docked which was scheduled to depart in the morning. Taking a sip she just looked at her old ship for a while longer, after finishing her tea she headed off towards her room. Walking in she got on her bed and got comfortable, she picked up her book again and began to read for a little while longer before she would fall asleep. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day, and she wanted to see the Vesta off one last time.

“Computer lights off,” Makayla ordered as the lights turned off except for a small night light as she didn’t like things totally pitch black, she had to have a little light. A short time later after placing her padd on the table she drifted off to sleep in her new home.