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Profile Overview

Damir Jahraus

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Jahraus


Chief Science Officer
USS Saratoga


Damir Jahraus

February 12, 2363 (38)

Houston, Texas; Earth


Damir Jahraus is a distinguished Archeologist and Science Officer who is currently assigned to the USS Saratoga as its Assistant Chief Science Officer and Archeologist.


Damir is a smashing young man standing at six foot five feet tall and slender. His features are particularly what makes him stand out, with black hair and blue eyes. His jawline stands out more than others. Damir has a scar on the side of his left eye due to an accident when he was younger after falling off a horse his face hitting a rock. He decided that he wanted to keep the scar rather than have it removed as he felt that it gave him some character.


Damir Jahraus has a dull sense of humor which people don’t seem to understand and if they don’t know him well enough believe that he is being serious or plain rude. He tends to be standoffish, keeping to himself though is known to participate in game nights with other assistant department heads that he has managed to make friends with. Damir tends to focus more on his work than worrying about making friends or pleasing them to the point where people have called him dull.


Early Life

Damir Jahraus was born on February 12, 2363, to Grace and James Jahraus in Houston, Texas; Earth. They were both Archeologists working for Daystrom Science Institute. Damir was the youngest of five children and the only boy in the family. His parents had him later in life which made his sisters way older than him. Damir was a particularly bright young child growing up having an interest in science and Archeology, because of this his parents seemed to favor him compared to his older sisters. His sisters seemed to resent him during his younger years, he never had a close relationship with any of them. Damir was fine with the fact that he could stick to himself, though it would impact him later in the ability to make friends during his life. His sisters didn’t seem to have the same passion as his parents or him and went on their way.

Damir had spent most of his childhood traveling with his parents to different worlds in search of artifacts and learning about different cultures through what they would excavate. He would spend his time helping his parents which developed his love for Archeology more up until his parents retired moving back to Houston, Texas on Earth.


Upon returning home to Earth, Damir expressed interest in following his parent’s footsteps and joining Starfleet once he was old enough. His parents sent him to a school that specialized in all things science. Damir had taken many different courses not just those about Archeology as he wanted to learn everything he possibly could which would help him later when he entered Starfleet Academy in a few years. Damir was a very standoffish person during his studies, preferring to stay to himself not wanting to get distracted from his studies which were far more important to him than hanging out with others.

While away at school he learned that his father had died in a tragic accident. Damir took some time away from school to help his mother and make sure she would be taken care of. After a year off he would return to school to finish his studies. His hard work had paid off and he graduated at the top of his class which made his mother very proud. After he graduated he put in his application to Starfleet Academy and after two weeks of waiting for a response, he finally got the news he was waiting for. Damir was accepted to the Academy and would leave for the San Fransisco campus this coming year.

Starfleet Academy

Damir Jahraus arrived at Starfleet Academy and began his new journey to become an Archeologist for Starfleet, though he would also major in science. He found the courses a challenge which he took on just like any other challenge he faced during his schooling which he excelled in. Damir was usually standoffish and would prefer to stay to himself but he had found a few that shared his passion and quickly made friends with those few.

Damir would take more than his required classes that he felt would further help his career. He would spend hours upon hours in his dorm room or classes studying and learning all that he could. Each year got harder and harder, he enjoyed challenges as they seemed to push him further. In his last year at the Academy, a few of them were taken to an Archeology dig site to help uncover the history of the uninhabited planet that had at one point had life living on it. Damir was excited to be able to unearth its history and what might have happened to those who once lived on the planet. Damir would go on to graduate at the top of his class and would be assigned to the USS Lune as his first assignment upon graduation.

Starfleet Career

USS Lune (2385 – 2389)

The USS Lune a Luna-class ship was sent to study the Black Cluster which they spent a good few months to understand how it was formed and why it affected ships’ systems while traveling through. Though a lot of things were already known to Starfleet, they were trying to uncover more secrets it might hold. Though they were not undercovering planet mysteries from an Archeology dig site, Damir found this intriguing. Damir would send probes into the Black Cluster only for them to get lost and presumed destroyed but not before they started getting data before it was lost.

Damir took a gamble and decided to modify a probe that would withstand a beating to see if they could get farther than the last few seemed to. After he had finished modifying the probe he sent it into the Black Cluster, and readings began to come in as it moved deeper. It seemed to have worked and it went farther before it would eventually lose connection. They were able to get more information than they had gotten before and would move to different areas of the Black Cluster and do the same in hopes that they could get a complete picture. Damir would spend the next several years onboard the Lune as they studied other nebulas and clusters in hopes of understanding them more.

USS Champagne (2389 – 2395)

After his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, Damir was assigned to the USS Champagne a Nova-class science vessel that was assigned to explore the Delta Quadrant. This seemed to excite Damir more than others, to him it was a place that was less explored than that of the Alpha or Beta Quadrants. They had come across an M-class planet that seemed to have no life other than plant life, but upon investigation had humanoids living there. They sent a science team down to try to figure out what happened which was led by Damir, they would spend the next few weeks searching for anything that would give them answers. As far as they could discover is that they had left this planet over one hundred years ago not leaving much behind which made things more mysterious as to why they would leave such a beautiful planet.

After finishing they moved on to exploring more of the Delta Quadrant, finding both friendly species as well as those that were not so friendly. While meeting with the Benthans a strange reading came up on sensors. The ship’s captain asked if they would be able to investigate those readings and was granted. The ship traveled to the coordinates the readings were coming from and to their surprise was a micro nebula that formed. This seemed to intrigue the crew and they began to investigate its origins gathering valuable data. Just as they finished gathering their data the micro nebula just seemed to have disappeared. Upon finishing their exploration they were recalled back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Daystrom Science Institute (2395 – 2399)

Upon his promotion to Lieutenant, Damir drew the attention of those at Daystrom who sent him an invite to work for them in their Archeology department. This had been a dream of his since he was younger and gladly accepted. He would probably be the youngest member to have been accepted into the institute and would be sent to several Archeology sites as well as studying items they recovered from different sites. Damir would go on to continue his exploration and learning of different cultures through Archeology and objects they would find expanding his knowledge and valuable information that would be useful to Starfleet.

USS Vesta (2399 – 2400)

Damir would be assigned to the USS Vesta a Vesta-class starship temporarily to investigate found TKon ruins in a cave of a planet that was a pre-warp society. Upon arrival at the planet, they had to be careful and not be spotted by the inhabitants while they began to investigate the caves in search of the TKon. They had to navigate through different mazes that seemed to be a security mechanism the TKon used. Damir found everything so fascinating and took readings as they moved forward until they found what they were looking for, though Captain Adams asked them to leave the area for an unknown reason.

While they were waiting out in the next room waiting for what the captain had to do that couldn’t involve them he continued to study things that were on the wall which seemed like art like you would see on Earth in caves from over a thousand years ago. Though the TKon were much older than that he was amazed by what he encountered. After the Captain finished what she had to do fixing whatever it was they left the planet. Damir was then offered a permanent position aboard the Vesta as its Assistant Chief Science Officer and Archeologist, which after thought he accepted.

USS Saratoga (2400 – Pres)

At the beginning of 2400, the USS Vesta was retired and the crew of the Vesta was assigned to the USS Saratoga an Odyssey-class starship, the Captain would then leave Starfleet due to medical reasons bringing in Fleet Captain Azras Dex as its new Captain. Shortly after the USS Saratoga was sent into the Paulson Nebula during the Century Storm to evacuate Aarius VII as the storm heading their way would be deadly to those on the planet. Once the storm had passed they returned the inhabitants of Aarius VII to their homes and assisted with repairs after the storm damaged some of their homes and power to the cities.

The USS Saratoga was then dispatched to Rhijun within the Velorum Sector after the fall of the Romulan Star Empire to help those who declared independence for those who tried to bring those back into the fold trying to save what was left of the Star Empire. Saratoga assisted with repairs, food, and other supplies while protecting the planet from raids and the incoming Romulan ship wanting to capture and return Rhijun to the Star Empire. After assisting the planet they had left them in the hands of the Romulan Republic after they arrived to assist them as well.

The Saratoga was then dispatched to the Delta Quadrant to deal with a new threat of the Blood Dilithium crisis. Upon arrival, they receive a distress call from a distant Monean colony requesting help in returning to their home planet after the Devore was driving them out of their home. Upon arrival, they are met with a Devore scout ship that engages them they are disabled and depart back to their space. Damir was able to scan the planet and learned that there was Blood Dilithium on the planet on the few land masses that were there. After discovering what the Devore was truly after they decided to beam the Dilithium up and secure them in their cargo bay before they dispatched the Oneida to escort the Monean people home while they went the opposite direction luring the Devore away from them. After getting ambushed by the Hirogen that was waiting near the Void and sustaining damage and the Devore backing off they learned how to get rid of the Blood Dilithium and decided to give the Devore what they wanted before they made the Dilithium disappear again.

After arriving back in the Alpha Quadrant they learn that the Odyssey-class ship would be in drydock for longer than they liked so Starfleet Command decommissioned the ship. Though it wouldn’t be the end of the Saratoga, they assigned them to the Obena-class ship they renamed the Saratoga. Shortly after that, they learn of a threat that had returned and had taken over the Deneb Sector. The Saratoga and the newly formed squadron were being sent into Breen space to take out their fleet yards that were supplying the Dominion with repairs to their ships. Upon successful destruction of the fleet yards, they headed back towards Farpoint Station where they received a fleet-wide call stating that the Dominion was regrouping to take Farpoint as a last-ditch effort while others were already following the founder’s word to head back to the Gamma Quadrant. Eventually after a heavy fight and heavy damage the remaining Dominion surrendered and agreed to be escorted back to the Gamma Quadrant. After repairs were complete and the events of Frontier Day had taken place they returned to the Deneb sector to help with humanitarian aid to the Nesara system took a heavy toll during the invasion.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2381 - 2382 Cadet Starfleet Academy; San Francisco Campus
Cadet Freshman Grade
2382 - 2383 Cadet Starfleet Academy; San Francisco Campus
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2383 - 2384 Cadet Starfleet Academy; San Francisco Campus
Cadet Junior Grade
2384 - 2385 Cadet Starfleet Academy; San Francisco Campus
Cadet Senior Grade
2385 - 2389 Science Officer / Archeologist USS Lune
2389 - 2395 Science Officer /Archeologist USS Champagne
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 2399 Archeologist Daystrom Science Institute
2399 - 2400 Archeologist USS Vesta
2400 - 2401 Assistant Chief Science Officer / Archeologist USS Saratoga
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Chief Science Officer USS Saratoga