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Part of USS Saratoga: Treasure Hunt and Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Kepara Colony / USS Vesta
October 2399
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It was already the next morning, everyone was either waking up or already awake. “I will be glad when we don’t have to sleep on this hard cave floor anymore,” Dazra commented as she now had a kink in her back. Jheria nodded in agreement with that statement, getting up she started to walk around to get the stiffness out of her legs. 

Adams looked around noticing that Damir and Jeesa weren’t there, raising an eyebrow. “They must have gotten up early,” She replied as they all walked down to find both of them near the beacon. “Just reviewing everything before we begin,” Jeesa replied with an excited grin on her face.

“Are you confident that this will really work?” Jheria asked looking at both of them as they could tell the hesitation, “we as confident as it will ever be, there is still that slight possibility something could go wrong that we didn’t account for. I am more certain that we have the correct algorithm needed to activate the beacon.” Damir replied looking at both of them, Jheria nodded as she knew that there was always that chance so she decided to put her trust in the two scientists, that they knew what they were doing.

“You may begin whenever you’re ready,” Adams said as the two nodded. “Well this is it, the moment we have all been waiting for,” Jeesa said with a slight chuckle as Damir walked to the beacon while Jeesa went to the first console. “I really hope this works,” Jheria said looking at Adams who nodded in return as they watched on as the pair worked.

Damir would call out the next console as each symbol lit up, Jeesa would then go to that console and began the process of activating it. This happened one by one, Jheria almost stood on pins and needles hoping and praying everything went according to how they did on the holodeck, there was pure silence in the room other than when Damir gave out the next console.

For what seemed like an eternity was only about twenty minutes the two had finished activating all the consoles. Once all the symbols on the beacon were lit up a console appeared that wasn’t there before just as it did on the holodeck. Jeesa returned to where Damir was standing looking at him, “now we activate the beacon and hope it connects.” Jeesa said which caused Jheria to raise an eyebrow.

“What do you mean you hope it connects?” Jheria asked as Damir looked at her, “on the holodeck, it was hard to replicate it connecting to whatever it connects to. We were able to see that it activated.” Damir began to explain before pausing, “it is hard to replicate the actual connection so that we had to wait until we activate it from this beacon.” He finished as Jheria nodded in understanding, something like that would be hard to replicate even under normal circumstances.

Taking a moment to take a deep breath, he tapped a few codes into the console of the beacon it had come to life, Jeesa began to monitor the activation process and the connection. From what she could see everything was connecting and working within normal parameters, Adams looked in amazement at how they were all able to fix and restore the beacon.

“Everything seems to be working and the connection seems to have been made from what we can tell,” Jeesa replied as they all let out sighs of relief that their hard work had paid off. They decided to continue monitoring thins for an hour to make sure things were continuing to hold. “Well, I believe our work here is done.” Jeesa replied as she was satisfied that everything was working, “you go ahead and start packing up I’ll be up there shortly.” Adams said as they both nodded grabbing their belongings and headed out.

Looking at the beacon for a moment more she headed out stopping just at the portal which had come back to life. “We have finished restoring the consoles as well as the beacon, the connection has also been reestablished once again.” Adams said as she stood there, “you may reactivate the forcefield, and as promised we will be leaving.” She finished speaking before the portal spoke up.

“We thank you for your assistance stranger,” the portal responded as the forcefield reactivated. “I will reactivate the rest once you leave,” it replied as Adams nodded before she turned and left to rejoin the others.

“Well, our job here is done, let go home,” Adams replied as the others nodded in agreement, Adams took one last look around before she tapped her combadge. “Captain Adams to USS Vesta, six to beam up.” She ordered as they soon disappeared from the cave along with their equipment only to reappear back on the transporter room padd of the ship.

They each went off in their own direction, “oh Lieutenant Atur could you meet me in my office in an hour.” She said as she called out to Jeesa who had started to walk out of the transporter room. Stopping and turning back towards the Captain, she nodded in response before heading down to her quarters, she needed a good shower and a decent meal than what they had over the last couple of days.

After arriving on the bridge after she had stopped at her quarters also to freshen up, Tajir stood up from the command chair as she approached. “Lieutenant Airje set a course for Devron Fleet Yards, warp eight.” She ordered as Deza nodded before turning around tapping a few controls, “course and speed laid in.” Airje replied as Adams looked at Tajir for a moment with a smile before looking at her.

“Engage,” she replied as she walked into her office to file her report with Command.

Tajir walked in after her, “I take it, it was a success?” Tajir replied as Adams nodded, “it was Commander.” Adams said as she had already walked to the replicator to get a real cup of coffee before she sat down at her desk, taking a sip.

“I am promoting Atur to Lieutenant Commander, I have also asked Commander Jahraus to stay on board as a science officer and archaeologist to which he accepted.” Adams said as Tajir nodded, “I heard that he really came around down there compared to when he first came on board.” Tajir noted as Adams agreed with him, “he just needed to feel like he was useful as well as what he did truly mattered.” Adams said as she took another sip before looking at him.

“I need to make this report to Command, let me know when Atur arrives,” Adams said as Tajir got the hint and walked out of her ready room, she then began to put together a report for Captain Dex. Once she had finished she then sent it off just as the door chime sounded, “enter.” Adams said as the doors opened to reveal Jeesa, waving at her to come in and have a seat.

“Thank you for coming,” she began as Jeesa walked in and took a seat.

“Couple things I wanted to go over with you, Damir will be joining the Vesta.” She began as Jeesa smiled as she enjoyed working with him. “Second, you have worked very hard after being thrown right into being the Chief after Rar left rather quickly,” Adams said pulling something out of the top drawer of her desk before she walked around to stand in front of her.

“If you will stand up Lieutenant,” she began as Jeesa stood back up after having just sat down. “I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all the privileges, rights, and responsibilities thereof,” Adams said with a smile as she pinned a single hollow pip to her collar next to what was already there.

Jeesa was stunned not sure what to say, “thank you Captain I sure wasn’t expecting that.” Jeesa said as she took Adams’s extended hand. “You deserve it Commander and congratulations.” Adams replied, “thank you.” Jeesa said as she was then dismissed and headed out.

“Congratulations,” Tajir replied as everyone on the bridge began to congratulate her on her promotion as well. “Thanks, Commander,” she replied as she walked off to her station on the bridge. Things went on as normal as they traveled back to Devron Fleet Yards, in hopes of some much-needed R&R.