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Part of USS Saratoga: Treasure Hunt and Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

The Hunt Begins

Kepara Colony / USS Vesta
October 2399
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Tajir was sitting on the bridge, which had been quiet since the away team had beamed down to the planet. Odan was busy working at his station keeping a sensor lock on the away team while also keeping a sensor sweep of the system. “I wonder what it looks like down there?” Odan spoke up breaking the silence that seemed to be a constant norm in situations like this.

Deza looked back, “That has also crossed my mind though I am sure we will probably hear all about it once the away team returns.” She replied as Odan nodded in response, “I suppose you’re right, though it has my curiosity peaked.” Odan replied as Deza nodded, “indeed.” She said before turning back around looking out the view screen at the planet below which seemed to be just as beautiful.

Things had got quiet again until Odan spoke up, “sir we are getting an incoming transmission from Fleet Captain Dex from Devron Fleet Yards.” Odan said looking up from his console, Tajir stood up and nodded “transfer it to the Captain’s ready room.” Tajir said as he walked into the ready room, after walking around the Captain’s desk he turned on the computer to see an older Trill woman sitting at her desk with a raised eyebrow as he was not Captain Adams.

“You’re not Captain Adams,” Azras said looking at the fellow Trill officer who nodded in response and a smile. “She is actually down on the planet with the away team sir,” Tajir replied as he looked at her apologetically. 

Azras nodded as to understand why he took the call instead of the Captain, “I am going to send you a file that I would like you to get to the Captain as soon as possible,” Azras said with urgency in her voice as she tapped a few buttons on her console, “it is for the Captain’s eyes only, Commander.” Dex said to make sure that he didn’t try opening it before passing it to Adams.

Tajir nodded in agreement which seems to be happening more and more as of late, “understood I will transfer it directly to her padd.” Tajir reassured Dex that he wouldn’t open it and made sure Adams received it. “Good,” Azras replied as the communication ended as the file was received.


The sun was shining brightly, it seemed to be what they would call mid-morning and the temperature wasn’t at its peak yet which was only a few hours away. Adams looked around as they walked up the path of the mountain that would lead them to the entrance of the cave. One could see in the distance a beautiful rainforest, with trees of different sizes as well as flora that no one has seen before. Beyond the forest were what seemed like villages though many miles from the mountain that they were currently located. 

“The view is beautiful,” came the reply of Jeesa as she looked out onto the horizon. “It is,” Jheria said in reply as she was amazed at how beautiful it was and to think that this was once a Tkon world long abandoned. Adams tended to agree but was distracted at the frantic call of the young Ensign Morgan. “There is something moving in the forest, I think it’s heading this way.” He called out as Jeesa stopped and turned towards where the Ensign saw the movement and scanned.

Jeesa couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle, “at ease Ensign, it was just an animal moving through the forest.” Jeesa replied as she was looking at the readings. “It seems to be an animal similar to Earth’s Deer,” Jeesa added as Adams nodded as they began to move up the mountain once again. Ensign Morgan seemed embarrassed, he was nervous on his first away team that he didn’t even think about using his tricorder. 

As they walked her commbadge went off, “Tajir to Captain Adams.” Came the reply of the Executive Officer that was on board the ship. Tapping her commbadge that lay hidden below her blouse, “Adams here, Commander what do you have?” She asked looking around as they continued to ascend up the mountain.

“I am transferring a file to your padd, Fleet Captain Dex contacted the ship asking for you, I informed her that you were with the away team so she wanted me to pass this file onto you.” Tajir replied as he made the transfer, “got it, Commander,” Adams said as she ended the comm channel and began to read what was sent.

After reading the file she raised an eyebrow, “well things have just gotten more interesting.” Adams said which caused Jeesa and Jheria to look at the Captain. “What’s up?” Jeesa asked now curious as to what was sent to her.

“Well, when we get to where we’re going we will need to look for a sort of beacon.” Adams began before continuing, “once we find it, we need to repair it and make sure it connects to whatever it connects to.” She said only revealing half of the information as she couldn’t reveal the rest, the vanishing point, and what those beacons are really for.

“So we won’t be beaming any technology back to the ship?” Jheria asked looking at the Captain who just shook her head, “no it is there for a reason, and we believe that it has come under disrepair after so many thousands of years that we need to fix it.” Adams said as they continued their climb.

“That will be a challenge but I am up for it,” Jheria replied with some excitement in learning about Tkon technology and the challenge that would come with it. “With Jeesa’s and Damir’s help, we might be able to understand their technology to be able to.” Jheria added, “good.” Came the reply from Adams as Jeesa and Damir nodded, though Damir had been quiet since they arrived. He had just been taking in the sights as they moved up the mountain, they had about another good hour to go before they reached the opening. “One thing if there is a beacon in there, there might be some automated Tkon defenses protecting the area so we need to be on guard.” Damir finally spoke up as Dazra looked back at that statement.

“Let’s hope those might be malfunctioning as well,” Dazra said as Damir looked at her. “One can only hope, but if there is I might be able to get past them,” Damir replied as he had a lot of time to study what they did have on the Tkon. “Let’s hope so, I’d rather make it out of this mission unscathed,” Dazra said before turning back around and continuing. The group fell silent as they continued to climb, though Adams continued to study the padd with the recent information on the vanishing point and what the beacons are actually for.