Part of USS Odyssey: The End Of All Our Exploring

So The Day Begins (Part II)

USS Odyssey NCC-80000, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 76036.64
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After finally completing her review of the crew evaluations, Commander Cambil made her way through the corridors of the Odyssey. For the first time in weeks, she would be arriving on time for the morning service at the Bajoran temple. Odyssey was one of the few ships in the fleet that had such a place dedicated to the Bajoran faith. This was mainly due to the fact that with a crew compliment of two-thousand and five hundred souls, the ship had a number of Bajorans onboard (one-hundred and twenty-one to be precise). Therefore, when it became clear that the Bajorans were using the holodecks on a regular basis to conduct acts of worship it was only right that something more permanent was made. Captain McCallister had agreed to it shortly after Bexa had become his first officer. Thankfully they did not need to have any clergy members assigned to the ship, instead some of the crew had become worship leaders after receiving remote training from the Bajoran Vedak Assembly. They could not lead any ceremonies like weddings or blessings of new borns, however they could lead in worship for groups of people. Their morning and evening services had become part of the ship’s daily life. Almost all of the Bajorans, that were not working, attending them and they even welcomed those members of the crew that did not come from Bajor but were curious to their faith.

Wearing just a simple outfit, it was nice not to be in her uniform for once, Cambil entered the Bajoran temple and was welcomed by one of the crew who was gently shaking the chimes indicating the service was about to start. She smiled at the friendly gesture and her worries and concerns soon left her as she entered the temple. This would be her time.

Finishing the last of the calibrations on the warp core assembly, Commander Tremt Hunsen could hear the relief coming from around his engineering crew. Smirking to himself, he too felt the pride that their work was now complete. Even though they were heading to D-S-Five, like any good chief engineer, he was not keen to let the maintenance crews get their hands too dirty and deep into his ship’s systems. As such all he wanted the team at the station to do was to do the checks, re-supply the ship and let them get on their merry way.

After pulling an all-night session, Hunsen turned to those who had been on duty with him since the previous evening and told them to all go home as the team for alpha shift were now arriving. Handing command of main engineering over to his second-in-command, Tremt was pleased to be heading back to his quarters to get some sleep. He would be having the next two days off and he could not wait another minute longer. Looking up at the large warp core that sat in the centre of the room, the huge device was impressive. Pleased to see it back and alive again, he told his deputy that the bridge could take the ship back to warp. Even with their quantum slipstream drive sat only a few meters away, Captain McCallister preferred to use the warp drive when they were in no hurry. Hunsen knew his skipper was keen to take their time to return to Deep Space Five, especially as they had completed their survey mission ahead of schedule.

As he strutted out of engineering, the Betazoid command unzipped his jacket while he rolled his head and neck to help relieve himself of having any more pains he had from starring at diagnostics controls for so long. Approaching the nearest turbo lift, he tapped the controls and waited for the doors to open. Around him he could see that the corridors were pretty empty. Everyone was taking the opportunity to enjoy the R&R that the captain insisted they all take. As a result, a skeleton crew would run the ship for the next few days. Everyone would have limited shifts while a majority of the systems were placed on automation. Even though the ship had a large crew, its highly advanced computer systems did mean that it could still operate effectively with a hundred of them still on board. Hunsen had even read somewhere that the Odyssey could operate with just a handful of staff. Its emergency holographic crew could assist in an emergency, but Tremt had hoped that McCallister was never put in that position. The turbo lift doors opened and he entered the cart, happy to be heading home at last.

Trying his best to listen to Doctor Sylvexs (and failing), Lieutenant Commander Lukiz Jen had noticed at the corner of his eye the departure of Tobias from the Auditorium. From a distance, at the breakfast bar, the joined Trill operations manager had watched as his former lover had finished his breakfast with Counsellor Duncan, smiled deeply at the therapist before getting up and leaving.

“So, I told Mettex that there was no way the captain would agree to such a huge course correction…” Sylvexs said as she picked up a glass of fruit juice that was pink in colour. Instantly the chief medical officer noticed that everything she had just been saying had been ignored. Not intentionally but due to a distraction. Smiling with her huge Denobulan grin, she looked at the younger officer behind her and attempted to regain his attention. “When are you and Tobias ever going to speak again?”

Shaking his head, the joined Trill lieutenant commander turned to look back at his companion. “Sorry Sylvexs, what did you say?”

Walking away from the buffet table, she led them over to an empty table, far away from where Jen’s eyes had been starring at for the last few moments. As they glided around the room, avoiding bumping into anyone with their trays, she answered him. “I said, when you are you and Tobias ever going to speak again?”

As they placed their trays down and pulled out the seats, Jen had a perplexed expression plastered across his face. “What do you mean? We talk all the time?”

Rolling her eyes as she sat down. The Denobulan doctor took her napkin and laid it across her lap after crossing her legs. She reached the yellow fruit that was in a small bowl and started to pick at it before taking small mouthfuls. “Please Lukiz, I have seen how you around each other. You say to us all that you parted on amicable terms, but you cannot deny you two had…now what is it I’ve heard Counsellor Duncan call it. I believe the phrase is ‘a thing’.”

Now it was Jen’s time to roll his eyes as he took his mug of coffee and took a sip from it. “Please, that was a long time ago. We were practically kids, plus I’m sure he has other interests.”

“Really? Like whom?” Slyvexs enquired as she placed her empty bowl down and wiped her hands with her serviette.

Putting his mug down, Jen looked at her. “Well, I heard from Cline that he and Counsellor Duncan spend a lot of time together.”

Laughing out quite loudly, which caused others to look at her, the Denobulan doctor had to place a hand over her mouth as she calmed herself down. “Oh that’s absurd Lukiz. Max and Tobias are not dating, they are good friends.”

“I’ve seen them spend a lot of time together recently as has Cline.” Jen countered back with as he started to eat a piece of hot croissant that he had just spread butter and jam over.

“Max has just lost his father, if you knew his background you would understand why Tobias and he are spending time together. Tobias is just being a very good friend.” Slyvexs said defending the counsellor and yeoman. “Remind me to have words with Mister Lenjir about being a gossip. Talking of which, where is that lovable Tiburon?”

Smirking, but not believing her entirely, Jen answered the doctor’s question. “Cline said he would be spending most of his morning off in the gym. You know what he is like, he rarely eats breakfast.”

“Well I do hope he doesn’t think he could build anymore muscles or be any further ripped than he is. I’m worried he is trying to become a Brikarian with the number of workouts he does on a daily basis.”

“That’s Cline for you, if he isn’t in the gym then he is doing something physical when off duty. He never stops.” Lukiz remarked as he began digging into his breakfast, but from the corner of his eye he was keeping an eye on Counsellor Duncan. He didn’t quite believe everything that Sylvexs was saying.

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