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Part of USS Saratoga: Behind Enemy Lines

USS Gagarin (Archive): Behind Enemy Lines

The Saratoga and her Squadron are being sent into Breen Space to disrupt an old Breen Fleet Yards.

Mission Description

An old Breen fleet yard has been handed over to the Dominion and is now fully supporting their ships with repairs and maintenance. The USS Saratoga, USS Gagarin, and the USS Knight have been sent to disrupt the operations of the Lungurn Fleet Yards that are located behind enemy lines.

‘Behind Enemy Lines’ is a mission for Saratoga Squadron, these stories occur across the multiple commands and ships. The complete story order, with their associated command and links, are as follow:

Chapter 1: (Saratoga)
Chapter 2: (Gagarin)
Chapter 3: (Knight)
Chapter 4: (Saratoga)
Chapter 5: (Knight)
Chapter 6: (Saratoga)
Chapter 7: (Gagarin)
Chapter 8: (Gagarin)
Chapter 9: (Saratoga)
Chapter 10: (Saratoga)

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date
End Date

6 June 2023

8 - Behind Enemy Lines

USS Gagarin (Archive): Behind Enemy Lines

The fight continued as the two ships exchanged fire between them and the enemy, while three ships had already been destroyed and three remained. They had just received word that the hazard team had completed their assignment and were successful. They were currently on their way back to the ship, [...]

31 May 2023

7 - Behind Enemy Lines

USS Gagarin (Archive): Behind Enemy Lines

The hazard team members had gotten their tactical gear on and made last-minute adjustments before stepping onto the shuttle. Savu was assisting Nilah Virahl with hers as she was not officially a part of the team but was a specialist that would be working with Savu to sabotage the control center. [...]

11 May 2023

2 - Behind Enemy Lines

USS Gagarin (Archive): Behind Enemy Lines

The bridge of the Gagarin even though it was busy silence filled the room, no one was talking amongst themselves as they usually did. Most of the crew have never seen war, never been a part of the Dominion War. They only read about them in textbooks, now several hours ago they learned of the return [...]