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Part of USS Odyssey: Order To Chaos

USS Bellerophon: Order To Choas

Ready to join his brother in one of the most daring adventures of their careers, will Captain Horatio McCallister find working for his brother as easy as it should be?

Mission Description

Being in the Delta Quadrant for over a year and a half, the crew of the USS Bellerophon are just as used to what this distant area can throw in their direction, so when Starfleet orders them to rendezvous with Captain McCallister’s older brother’s ship, things for them begin to change. Eager to show to his brother that his crew is just as good as the Odyssey, Captain Horatio McCallister thought he had seen everything until a routine mission causes a challenge that not he and his experienced crew can deal with alone. Just how much will he depend on his fellow captains to help?

About the Mission

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8 April 2023

Order To Chaos - 24

USS Bellerophon: Order To Choas

“The last excavation teams have been beamed up,” reported Chief Bronden. The Zaldan man stood at the operations console just as Captain McCallister finished at Mission Ops II. As McCallister walked past Bronden’s station, he tapped the side and thanked his chief of operations. Then, he went [...]

1 April 2023

Order To Chaos - 21

USS Bellerophon: Order To Choas

Though eager to impress his brother, Horatio McCallister had second doubts now. And third doubts. And fourth. Without a doubt, he was doubting his decision with this whole situation. Sending several teams ahead of him to secure the crash site had seemed like a wise choice, but now as he flew the [...]

12 March 2023

Order To Chaos - 18

USS Bellerophon: Order To Choas

“Captain’s log, stardate seven-eight-zero-zero-three point seven. The Bellerophon has been assigned the duty of searching through the debris field left behind from the destruction of the Borg Tactical Cube. We remain at tactical alert in case we face any booby traps. In the meantime, we have [...]

17 February 2023

Order To Chaos - 14 - Part I

USS Bellerophon: Order To Choas

“We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!” Hearing that announcement, Commander Jaz already barked the next set of orders without thinking. “Shields to maximum, standby all weapons!” Horatio McCallister leant forward in his chair as he considered what was taking place [...]