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USS Neptune: Darkness Comes Swiftly

Michelle Oliver is starting her retaliation for the Tesla's interference with her plans. The Tesla is safe for now, but the world of Captain Ryder will soon be turned upside down. After a surprise transfer to a Vesta Class Michelle begins to work harder to make Ryder pay for what he did.

Mission Description

See the side of the enemy from Michelle Oliver and her new partner Ajis. Darkness is coming and no one knows just what is in store for the Fringe Worlds.

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28 February 2024

A Gesture That Will Not Be Forgotten

USS Neptune: Darkness Comes Swiftly

The USS Tesla was new to Ryder, but he acted like he had been on the ship for years. His crew had been admirable in the work they had done so far. He had already been tasked with some exploration near the Klingon Neutral Zone. In most cases this made people nervous given the somewhat jaded [...]

22 February 2024

The End is Nigh

USS Neptune: Darkness Comes Swiftly

Michelle had been trying to determine the best way to attack the Neptune and while Ajis’s ship was being refitted for the purposes in which she had set forth the issue currently was determining the best time to attack the Neptune. Felicity had kept in touch but it was rare to hear from her [...]

8 January 2024

Treasonous Doubts

USS Neptune: Darkness Comes Swiftly

“Lieutenant Oliver, it has been awhile.” The solitary booming voice made Michelle jump as she looked up from what she was doing to see the familiar face of Michael Ryder. She smiled and stood up straightening her uniform. She had not seen Michael for a long time, in fact probably since the [...]

26 August 2022

Never Tell Me The Odds

USS Neptune: Darkness Comes Swiftly

Blade arrived at the surface of the planet and silently cursed under his breath. The Captain had said it was supposed to be a forest planet…this was not a forest planet. It was hot and miserable. He decided to look through his gear. The gear he had was not the gear he had packed ‘What is this [...]