USS Tesla: Darkness Comes Swiftly

Michelle Oliver is starting her retaliation for the Tesla's interference with her plans. The Tesla is safe for now, but the world of Captain Ryder will soon be turned upside down

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See the side of the enemy from Michelle Oliver and her new partner Ajis. Darkness is coming and no one knows just what is in store for the Fringe Worlds.

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USS Tesla
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8 September 2021

Old Flames

USS Tesla: Darkness Comes Swiftly

((Diitov))   Michelle watched as the ship disappeared into the depths of the base and smiled it was time to contact her secret contact on the Tesla. An old friend and someone she knew she could trust. She had met Felicity while in the Academy and came to trust her with many pieces of personal [...]

4 September 2021

Evaluating The Hard Decisions

USS Tesla: Darkness Comes Swiftly

The USS Tesla was bustling with activity as they docked back at the Federation base. Multiple repairs needed to be made to the ship after the fight in the Archanis Campaign, as well as the inventory needing to be restocked with fresh supplies for their next deployment. The crew was buzzing about [...]

25 August 2021

Gold Wings In The Navy

USS Tesla: Darkness Comes Swiftly

(This story is in the POV of the holodeck character.) The holodeck had been reserved quite frequently since the last two missions and Amanda had been wanting to continue her story she had been going through since the Academy. In fact no one knew about this program she had kept it quiet, but she [...]

22 August 2021

The Beginning of Revenge Is Simple

USS Tesla: Darkness Comes Swiftly

On the fringe world of Diitov there was a secret one that only a few people knew about. Diitov was a world primarily covered by water and barely inhabited. The planet had one sole inhabitant and hidden underwater sit the sprawling hidden base. The black corridors bathed in dark blue light and the [...]