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A Gesture That Will Not Be Forgotten

Near Organia
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The USS Tesla was new to Ryder, but he acted like he had been on the ship for years. His crew had been admirable in the work they had done so far. He had already been tasked with some exploration near the Klingon Neutral Zone. In most cases this made people nervous given the somewhat jaded relationship between Starfleet and the Klingons. Ryder had interacted with Klingons in the past, but he couldn’t say they were friends except for one. 

Ryder looked through the reports when he heard the chime of his door. He watched as his Chief Strategic Officer entered. The one Klingon that Ryder actually knew, as he met him in the Academy. Kra’vaak was one of the Klingons that held good thoughts on Starfleet. He had been one of Ryder’s closest friends and someone who had taught Ryder how to fight. “Captain I have a favor to ask.”

Ryder looked up with a raised eyebrow “What do you need? You know I am willing to help if possible.” The statement as true as anything he could say in the moment.

Kra’vaak looked at him “I picked up a distress call from a Klingon Bird of Prey and the captain is my brother General Klex. It seems as though they are in danger of a Nebula destroying them. Would we be able to aide assistance? I know it is not part of our duties, but I still don’t want to see my brother not go to Sto’Vo’Kor.”

Ryder thought for a moment, as this was not the usual request from his crew. “This could be a very touchy situation especially when the ship will be in Klingon territory. I would be willing, but only if I knew that we weren’t going to be attacked for helping. The truth is I don’t want to take my newly acquired ship to its immediate doom.”

Kra’vaak laughed boisterously “I can understand the worries, but I don’t think we will have any problems, especially as it is my brother, but we can radio them before we approach for the safety of the ship, but then I am telling you what you already know.”

Ryder nodded at the remark “Go ahead and try to get ahold of your brother on comms and make sure it is broadcasted on the bridge. That for your safety as well as everyone else’s. I will be to the bridge momentarily.” 

Kra’vaak nodded and left the office. Ryder turned around and looked out the window thinking about what could go wrong with this idea. 


Ryder joined the crew on the bridge to see the Klingon vessel on the viewscreen, as he looked his stomach got queasy. He saw Kra’vaak who looked pleased with the current state of events. Over the comms he could hear the voice of a Klingon “This is General Klex of the IKS Ak’Hust we appreciate your assistance in this matter.”

Ryder stood at his seat “This is Captain Ryder of the Tesla we will be sending a team of engineers as well as your brother over to assist with repairs needed. We will also provide defense in case of any attack during this time.” He looked at his crew and knew they were capable of doing what was needed, but he hoped they were not attacked the Tesla was a new ship and she wasn’t meant for severe combat situations. 

“Understood again thank you for the assistance, while some Klingons think humanity is a problem from the information my brother has told me I know I at least respect you Captain. You also have the word of my ship and crew there will be no issues while you are here to help.” Krex replied through the comm.

The words helped to reassure Michael that he was safe here in the vicinity of the ship. It was much bigger than the Tesla and that alone could cause huge issues of the Klingons wanted to attack the ship. He had good faith that would not happen, especially considering the generals brother was part of his ship.

“Thank you, General. We will be beaming over in the next five to ten minutes please prepare for the arrival of the crew.” he said trying to not tell the Klingon what to do. The solitary reply came back acknowledging the statement. Ryder looked at Kra’vaak “Be careful.” he said as he watched his friend head for the turbolift. He got the usual toothy grin from the Klingon.


The repairs were quicker than he expected thankfully between the combined knowledge of his engineers and the Klingons the ship was repaired and ready to depart. There had been no suspicious activity while the Tesla help overwatch. He looked at Kra’vaak who had just arrived back on the bridge “Captain my brother said he wanted to come see you I told him to just join me.” Michaels eyes got wide for a moment before seeing the doors slide open and a massive Klingon stepping onto his bridge clad in battle gear. Michael went over to greet him “General Klex welcome to the Tesla”

The general smiled “I am sorry about the surprise visit, but I wanted to thank you in person and to say we’re in your debt. IF there is ever anything you need I will make sure the entire fleet under me will answer the call. Not only because your so respected by my brother, but the fact that you was willing to take a chance to help us not knowing what we would do shows your dedication as a Captain and your warrior spirit. I also know you need to leave so I will not keep you”

Ryder wasn’t sure what to say to the remark, but he nodded “Thank you, honestly I am not sure what else I can say. I will remember that it was also my honor to meet the brother of one of my closest friends. Until next time Captain.” He smacked his chest and looked at Kra’vaak before departing. 

Ryder was in a state of bewilderment and didn’t know how to react. He hoped that he would never have to use the assistance that was offered, but the future hold many unknown aspects.