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USS Rubidoux: Trials of Diplomacy

A reception, an artifact recovery, and an unexplained reading converge to one unique event for the crew of the Rubidoux,

Mission Description

Tasked with attending and mediating a summit between two former worlds, principally by retrieving and ultimately presenting an artifact of duel cultural significance. But a chance unexplained reading, promotes a closer look, as a long kept and damaging secret is hinted at. Vilgi Morr, Eviea Merrova, and the crew of the Rubidoux seek to run down the truth before the ceremony begins and crimes are brushed away forever. 

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

10 June 2024

Reckless in a word (Indigo Final)

USS Rubidoux: Trials of Diplomacy

Up on the bridge Merrova was out of her chair and striding away from the forward operations station towards the auxiliary science station at the back of the bridge, gesturing to a slightly bewildered ensign. “Leave mission ops, get to science and get a detailed internal scan of sickbay going. [...]

9 June 2024

Intercept (Indigo#13)

USS Rubidoux: Trials of Diplomacy

Arriving on the bridge to find it fully staffed, the alert panels lit with the fixed yellow colour, Vilgi moved quickly to the center of the room. “Charnack take the Operations station, Wren you’ll act as my second in command for the moment, report please.” The female lieutenant commander in [...]

7 June 2024

Misjudgment and Murder (Indigo#15)

USS Rubidoux: Trials of Diplomacy

In preparation for the arrival of the representatives. The small group had dispersed somewhat, the station commander remained behind his desk, the ship commander also but standing to the right hand side.  In a right corner, level with the commander’s desk, Captain Morr stood shoulder to [...]

5 June 2024

Laying the Foundation (Indigo#15)

USS Rubidoux: Trials of Diplomacy

Three equal tones coming from the station’s klaxon was as expected, as the utter shock on the face of the Dari station commander, once Vilgi and the six other members of his party shimmered into place in said commander’s office. “Captain Morr! This is an extreme violation of established [...]