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Reckless in a word (Indigo Final)

USS Rubidoux
Stardate 78196.19
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Up on the bridge Merrova was out of her chair and striding away from the forward operations station towards the auxiliary science station at the back of the bridge, gesturing to a slightly bewildered ensign.

“Leave mission ops, get to science and get a detailed internal scan of sickbay going. Also open all lateral sensors that aren’t assigned to tactical and set a molecular scan going all axis. Whatever’s going on is unique, we need it recorded, for the record and the sake of knowledge.” Eviea instructed, arriving at the station about the same time, choosing to hover like so many of her department heads and first officers in the past had done. It bugged the crap out of her at the time, but in this moment she understood why they chose to be so annoying.

“I’ve got readings I don’t fully understand, sir. Energy dissipating from sickbay, it’s transferring though the structure of the ship, seeking the path of least resistance towards the outer hull.” The officer reported a note of wonder and confusion in his voice as he tracked the readings.

“Pull back on the view, Computer extrapolate exit point.” Merrova instructed as the readout on the console changed in response, a thin blue line pointed from the readings and outward, beyond the ship and into space.

“Wren lower integrity on section 17-Gamma to minimum levels, beef the surrounding section by fifteen percent. Show whatever it is the way out.” Eviea called over her shoulder to a fairly agitated looking officer at the forward station. The why’s would no doubt be the subject of a later conversation.

Sir, I’ve got three contacts that just popped up on long range sensors.” A call from the tactical officer immediately behind her. Pushing off the back of the chair leaving a relieved junior officer to complete his task Merova took a position just off the shoulder of the tactical chief, her gaze fixed on the display icons, three little dots, that the computer was working to identify and prioritize. Her eyes widened as the computer placed the power signatures, her glance across was met with a similar one over the shoulder from the tactical chief. ‘Romulans’ He stated simply.

“Bridge to Captain Morr, were monitoring a molecular surge preceding though the ship. Also we have three contacts on the edge of long range sensors.” Eviea reported simply, pausing before letting out the identity to both her captain and the rest of the bridge crew. “Romulans”

“I’m on my way to the bridge. Suffice to say talks have broken down, rather catastrophically and I think we have a culprit. Can you organize guest quarters for the ambassador? Then set a course for Starbase Twenty-Two.” Vigil’s response came back, it was a measured response to the point, and although she was still getting to know him, Eviea suspected it was fronting a lot of frustration at events.

“Acknowledged, sir.” Her understandable relief over her fathers safe return, was tempered by the likely loss of life. It was a reach but Eviea now assumed ‘A’ Romulan faction was on the rise and had chosen to interfere. “Permission to do something foolhardy, but put the wind up them?” She asked over the comm.

“Depends how foolhardy?” Vilgi responded, his voice carrying across the bridge as he stepped from the turbolift car. Eviea crossed the space in between them, taking the opportunity to have the conversation a little more discreetly.

“I want to buzz them, sir, a warp flyby across their path just out of targeting range.” Eviea responded, a grin creasing her features at the prospect of carrying this out.

“You know this sort of thing could be considered provocation. But under the circumstances I have little objection.” Vilgi responded with a forced smile, blatantly and clearly masking a mailstome of emotions beneath the surface.

“I have the ship. Commander Merrova has the conn.” Vilgi stated clearly into the bridge, gesturing for them both to take their assigned seating in the command area.

She walked back to the command seating. Catching a slight turn and a grin from Lieutenant Commander Wren at the operations station. For all her adherence to rules and protocol the woman did seem to enjoy the execution of unusual maneuvers. Her own console had a mirror of the helm display and tactical display, sent by the officers at these stations.

“Helm ahead half impulse. Come onto heading Three Two Zero mark Three One, once clear of any obstacles. Engage warp two once we’re clear of the station control zone.” Eviea instructed, head down to start with, then head up and clear confident tone, still choosing to respect the zoning. Watching on as the ship moved away from the station, then the accelerating burst, followed by the strung out starfield on the main viewer. Minutes passed by as the Betelgeusian made her final calculations.

“In two minutes, drop to full impulse. Come to One Eight Five mark Zero Two.” Eviea stated finally and confidently, sending her planned route to Vilgi’s station, looking across and receiving a nod of approval.

Up on the viewscreen, the starfield became less elongated and swung across the screen, as the ship slowed and pitched around.

“Helm engage Warp Four. Tactical track the Romulan contacts, if they move closer I want to be the first to know.” Eviea stated next, executing the risky part of the endeavor, and making sure to cover herself, and the ship, and the crew against sudden changes from the Romulan ship captains. The amount of risk was making for a very tense bridge as they traversed the distance Eviea had calculated.

“Passing point two five AU from target range.” Came the report from behind. Eviea’s screen had flashed the moment the point had been reached, but tactical was being diligent as ever, or maybe just making a point about the riskiness of the action.

“Helm maintain course and speed for another five minutes. Then slow to impulse, make your heading for Starbase twenty two at warp five.” Vilgi stated, before standing from his chair. “Join me in my ready room once the correction has been made, Commander. Until then you have the bridge.” Then paced steadily away from the command area, and disappeared into the room, on cue the two ensigns at auxiliary station let out audible sighs of relief.

Eviea sat back in her chair, perhaps this wasn’t the best idea ever, perhaps this had put morale down rather than up, perhaps she needed to think things through a little more. Perhaps the center chair was a little too lonely for her liking at present. She finished this particular train of thought just as the viewscreen showed the Roo accelerating again.

“On course for Starabase, Commander.” Maven stated, actually swiveling his chair round for a moment, then back to his station.

“Good to be on the road again. Wren you have the Conn.” Eviea said confidently, it was her turn to stand and walk off the bridge.

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