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USS Rubidoux (NCC-12109)

A one stop shop support ship. Science, Engineering, Medical, even just a supply run. We have even been know to handle diplomatic matters when the situations calls for it. The Rubidoux is here for all your heavy lifting needs.

USS Rubidoux

California-class • NCC-12109 • Task Force 72

The Rubidoux, her namesake being a mountain in the old earth state of California is perhaps apt, one of Starfleets rock-like assets in the sector . But from stranded freighters to major colony project support, from ship decontaminations to colony epidemic support, from the support of major research projects to the resupply of remote stations, to the support of ongoing diplomatic efforts. The Roo, as the ship has been affectionately known, is there for starfleet, from keeping things running to just straight up playing nice.

Lead by a captain whose actively selected this assignment, in the hopes of a calmer time for the moment. Supported by a bright, capable officer adapting to the role of XO.

Leading a mixed of crew, blending the new and eager with the experienced and knowledgeable.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 2842
Executive Officer
ID: 2842
Watch Officer (Beta Shift)
ID: 2842
Ops (Beta Shift)/Science Officer
ID: 2842
Helm (Beta Shift)/Enginering officer
ID: 2842
Chief Science Officer
ID: 2842
Medical Officer
ID: 2842
Science Officer
ID: 2842

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16 July 2024

Failure to Consider

USS Rubidoux: To Rescue. To Hide. To Run

“Commander it appears that the probe uplink has a command approval process added. May I ask why?” The question was put to Eviea, who was only a few paces into the repair bay that was serving as a control center for the probes deployed to study the anomaly that had deposited them in this [...]

7 July 2024

Cliff Diving Not Recommended

USS Rubidoux: To Rescue. To Hide. To Run

Being knee deep in what was liquid crystal was certainly one of the more unique experiences Ishaan Bacshi had experienced to date while in starfleet. The heating of the crystal had given it transparent qualities, which allowed the ‘seafloor’ to be observed; there were patches of white similar [...]

1 July 2024

The unexpected spanner, From an unexpected angle (phase1)

USS Rubidoux: Beware that which Glitters

“Welcome back Commanders, lieutenant. The views from the sensors were spectacular in themselves. I would imagine seeing them up close would be outstanding.” Morr beamed, as he greeted the returning officers, watching on as they unlatched and began to remove helmet sections of the protective [...]

23 June 2024

Time for a rethink

USS Rubidoux: Beware that which Glitters

Finally reaching the bottom of the cliff face Bacshi paused before taking a step onto the surface of the crystal sea. The portion that ran up to the cliff had a washboard texture to it as well as a slight rise, but the similarity to ice made him a little wary of his step. One food on, no problem. [...]