Task Force 47 #5

November 5, 2022

Since the last Task Force 47 update, we’ve had a few changes – some new bling handed out, some promotions and new faces joining us as well! As always we’ll cover those bits in due course so let’s get on with it!

Task Force Updates

  • With promotions come new commands and Task Force 47 is now home to the USS MacKenzie and the USS Sojourner
  • We say goodbye to Leah, Imya Jori, who whisks off back to TF93 as their CO and welcome Heidi, aka Theo Barrington, in as the new TF47XO. I know the 47ers will make her welcome in the role and I look forward to working with her.

Fiction Updates

So, between the last update and the start of the Blood Dilithium Campaign, we did have a bit of action across the ships of Task Force 47. All updates here bring us up to date with the start of the campaign.

USS AtlantisAtlantis under the command of her XO, Cmdr MacIntyre, settles down to review the initial setup of Atlantis’ very own hazard team, purely in preparation for what lies beyond the edge of the map. Mac then takes the opportunity to test the concept of nominative determinism by assigning Lt Fightmaster to the team. Around the same time, Lt T’Val finds evidence of Tholians lurking in the system while scouting the system with the ship’s new fighters. With a crashed ship, a mystery box and skulking Tholians, the Breen felt they were being left out and have started to make their way to join the Atlantis.

USS MacKenzie – With the success of Edinburgh‘s last mission, Ambrose Harris is given command of the USS Mackenzie and a promotion to captain. With a new crew and a new ship, they depart on a trade escort mission as a chance to break in ship and crew, departing for the world of Fenris and straight into the action as they come to the rescue of the SS PostAlley. Unfortunately, pirates along the former Romulan border don’t play nice and the PostAlley is a total loss, never mind the short-lived pirate boarding of the Mackenzie. With a bit more anti-piracy work, the Mackenzie returns to Earth before heading for Barzan and the perils of the Delta Quadrant.

USS Osiris – Arriving at Dozaria Prime to assist the Edinburgh, the Osiris is eventually waved off as the Edinburgh pursues other leads, leaving the Osiris to be on her way to the planet Gavaria. With new orders comes new priorities and the Osiris is retasked to join up with the fleet at Guardian Station, leaving the command crew to begin preparations for their eventual journey into the Delta Quadrant and the threats they may face there.

USS Sojourner – With the completion of yet another mission, Kirin finds herself relieved of command of the Daradax in order for her to take command of the brand-new USS Sojourner as well as a promotion to the rank of Commander, as befitting her new command. Taking the time, Kirin talks with all of her newly appointed department heads, making a few changes in ranks in order to smooth any potential chain of command issues. With a week’s worth of drills to shake out the blended crews and find the faults all new ships have, the Sojourner sets off on her first real adventure.

Task Force Recognition


  Meritorious Service Cross

  Silver Palm

  Star for Distinguished Service


Promotion to Cadet Junior Grade

Promotion to Lieutenant

Promotion to Commander


With a strong and consistent presence between Sundered Wings and Blood Dilithium, I know Task Force 47 is in a good place going into the campaign. While we may have lost Leah back to TF93, we gained Heidi and I hope we can all pitch in to make her feel welcome in her role.

I’m watching the accumulated writings of the fleet over this campaign and man oh man there is awesome stuff going on out there! Keep it up folks!