USS Osiris (NCC-86401)


Reliant-class • NCC-86401 • Task Force 47

Pathfinders are those whom are selected to be the guiding light that others follow into the unknown. We lay the groundwork that others build upon, building relationships with friends old and new so that those that follow can build upon the friendships started or renewed. We are the light, we are the tip of the spear. Follow us, trust in our light to guide you into new possibilities.

This is the mission of the USS Osiris and her crew. To be the guiding light so that others may follow as they explore the Thomar Expanse and what lays beyond.

Lineage of the USS Osiris

HMS Osiris – Admiralty M class Destoryer – 1915 – 1921

HMS Osiris(N67) – Odin class submarine – 1928 – 1946

HMS Osiris(S13) – Oberon class submarine – 1962 – 1992

USS Osiris (NCC-26301) – Miranda class – 2280’s


Rating for the USS Osiris : 2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣


Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
ID: 2486
First Officer
ID: 2486
Counselor / Diplomatic Officer
ID: 2486
Chief of Strategic Operations
ID: 2486
Chief of Operations
ID: 2486
Boatswain / Communications
ID: 2486
Chief of Science
ID: 2486
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 2486
Chief of Engineering
ID: 2486
ID: 2486
Chief Flight Control Officer
ID: 2486

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7 August 2022

No such thing as routine.. chap 4

USS Osiris: No such thing as routine

Captain’s log supplemental:  It has been 48 hours since I took command of the Osiris. The crew has reported on board and has situated themselves into their new departments and assigned roles. The bridge and command staff have seen to their departments, settled on their department heads, [...]

29 July 2022

No such thing as routine.. chap 3

USS Osiris: No such thing as routine

Lt. Talibah had spent most of the night studying and researching all that she could on the Reliant class ship and since they were based off of them the Miranda Class of ships. Paying special attention to anything she could find that would give them a leg up on operating the Osiris, taking notes on [...]

25 July 2022

No such thing as routine . Chap 2

USS Osiris: No such thing as routine

Stopped at the docking port entrance, Kr’Antren took a deep breath, ears twitching in excitement? Or was it nervousness? Or a combination of the two. This was in truth his first real command with an actual crew that were now his responsibility. Sure the Rhyndacus was a command and was a lovely [...]

23 July 2022

Crew - USS Osiris, USS Osiris - Crew

USS Osiris: No such thing as routine

1800 – Briefing room Juliet Bravo 2   Kr’Antren stiff in front of the door to the briefing room he had been called to. He felt across the front of his Tunic making sure everything was in order and it was laying correctly. “We’ll here we go.” Said to himself as he chimed to let [...]