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Sundered Wings: Phase II

June 12, 2022

As Phase I of Sundered Wings has concluded, Phase II immediately begins! Unlike previous Fleet Actions, there are no “down weeks” between the phases this year. Right to the next phase of action!

Battlefield Promotions

Last year’s Fleet Action included battlefield promotions. So what is a battlefield promotion? Essentially it is a free promotion that ignores any time in grade or other requirements. During each Phase of the Fleet Action, the TFCOs have been asked to submit one name from their TF for a battlefield promotion, with no repeats (sorry, you only get 1 per person per Fleet Action!). So without further delay, Phase Is battlefield promotions are:

Task Force 17

Lieutenant Commander Andreus Kohl to the rank of Commander

Task Force 47

Commander Tharia sh’Elas to the rank of Captain

Task Force 72

Ensign Muninn Musgrave to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade

Task Force 86

Lieutenant Junior Grade Carrie Metrios to the rank of Lieutenant

Task Force 93

Lieutenant Joshua Randall to the rank of Lieutenant Commander

Phase II

I want to repeat what I said in the announcement for Phase I because I feel its important: I cannot stress enough that participation is key to winning. Don’t quite have the answer? Submit what you have! Not that great at graphics? Whip out MS Paint and do your best! Can’t write a novel? That’s okay, write what feels fun! The entire point of the Fleet Action is for you guys to have fun and that is why the scoring is based on you just participating and having a good old time!

Phase II will run from right now until midnight on June 26th! Enjoy!

Fleet Action Length