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Sundered Wings: Wiki Reconnaissance


Put your Wiki skills to the test! Using any information available to you, create a wiki article on a small Romulan faction, planet, or system that is involved in your story during Sundered Wings. Your article should be creative and detail not only the current happenings but also a little information and even history about it! Be as creative as you can!

Be sure to use the BF Wiki templates available to you! There are plenty of other examples of similar, well-developed articles spread throughout not only the Bravo Fleet Wiki but also Memory Alpha.


  • These articles can be created solo or as a team. However, if you choose to form a team for this event, it should be no more than 3 people, and you need to be able to prove that significant portions were created by each person on the team. The BF Wiki has a built-in history/edit log, so proving contribution should be easy through that method. If your team places, you will all receive the same award. For instance, if your team places second, everyone on your team will receive a Starfleet Silver Star.
  • If you do not already have a BF Wiki account, you will need to have one created for you.
  • In source mode, articles should be at least 500 words.
  • Entries will be graded on adhering to standard Wiki format (25%), creativity (50%), adhering to Trek and Bravo Fleet canon (10%), and originality (15%).


User ID Date Entry
Andreus Kohl 2374 2022-07-09 10:26:07
Cynndle Oin'sun 2457 2022-07-07 08:24:20
Ezra Vreen 2487 2022-07-04 18:51:57
Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik 2121 2022-06-23 05:23:16
Vausees Vax 2184 2022-06-09 05:07:55
R’Tor 2309 2022-06-06 02:06:07

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