Sundered Wings

The 4th Fleet launches operations in the wake of the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire.

Event Description

Sundered Wings was the third Bravo Fleet Fleet Action which ran from 27 May 2022 until 11 July 2022. Sundered Wings consisted of three phases and was primarily based around the final collapse of the Romulan Star Empire.

The Romulan Star Empire is collapsing. Deeming the leadership too weak, the Star Navy by force of arms has dissolved the Senate, and in doing so destroyed the basis by which the government of Rator could claim to be a continuation of Romulus. Many surviving senators and regional governors have condemned this coup as nothing more than the act of warlords, making them no better than any other faction, and rejected Rator’s authority.

Worlds are falling away from the Empire. Many throw their lot in with the Romulan Free State, seen now by many to be the only true successor of Romulus, bound by historic diplomatic ties such as the Treaty of Algeron and yet moving the Romulan people into the bright 25th century. Others turn their backs on anything resembling the old ways, setting their eye on the Republic or independence. They scramble for self-sufficiency by seizing Imperial assets and gathering allies, or have fallen prey to the warlords who have long gorged on the remains of the once-great empire.

Notable among these is the Velorum Sector. Relatively close to Rator, the region is rich in minerals that have been essential to the Romulan Star Navy for centuries, and was expected to stay loyal – or be kept that way. But it has a higher proportion of Remans among its populace than anywhere in the galaxy since the supernova, sent there to work the mines and dangerous refineries that give Velorum its wealth. Within days of the shattering coup, the Romulan regional governor on Psi Velorum III was removed by Reman workers led by Resak, a former labourer in the world’s mines. Resak was quickly declared acting-governor, and has invited the Velorum Sector to join him in declaring independence from the Star Empire, and to create a new state respecting the rights and labour of Remans, Romulans, and other inhabitants alike.


About the Event

Event Type
Fleet Action
3 phases
Start Date
27 May 2022
End Date
11 July 2022

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