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Stormbreaker: Week 2 Fiction Update

February 20, 2022

The show continues with a second week of writing in the Stormbreaker Campaign!

Week 2 (12th – 18th February)

Bravo Fleet Command

USS Endeavour

Endeavour dispatches both a diplomatic delegation and a disaster relief team to the colony world Whixby, trying to repair the damage from the storm and convince the planet’s leadership to take on further refugees. The search for the missing USS Odysseus initially suggests the worst when only debris is found near the closed subspace rift. But further investigation of a coded message reveals the ship to be trapped inside the phenomenon itself, prompting a rescue mission to save the crew without ripping the rift back open and endangering the whole system…

USS Arcturus

Crash-landed en route to Starbase Bravo, Captain Lancaster and Commander Alesser take stock of the damage to their ship and themselves. While their chances of rescue initially seem promising, new problems are soon spotted: weighed down by micro-organisms in the ocean planet they’ve landed on, their shuttle will sink before any help is expected.

USS Odyssey

When news of the USS Odyssey’s destruction reaches Commander Reyas, she races to the site with the hope of rescuing any survivors, particularly her own family. But instead she finds the ship trapped in a state of temporal flux, with any effort of beaming out survivors failing. Meanwhile, Captain McCallister and Commander Jen awaken. While the last thing they remembered was the ship’s explosion, they find themselves instead in sickbay – but decades in the future, confronted with the future versions of colleagues, family, and friends. The challenge ahead of them all is not only returning to their own time without perverting the timeline, but avoiding a catastrophe that was not meant to be…


Task Force 17

USS Atlantis

With what little information they have at hand, a joint group of Highcroftian rangers, police officers and security personnel from the Atlantis begin their search for their kidnapped fellows.With much terrain to cover they’re forced to split up but eventually Lt Gantzmann’s team finds the Highcroft Liberation Front’s secret lair. Mounting an assault they rescue Lt Maxwell before eliminating the threat of the HLF and rescuing Captain Theodoras, minus an arm. Meanwhile back on Stormlea, Commander MacIntyre finds himself with little to do besides trying to get whatever resources he can to expedite the plan of the Port Arthur authorities to protect their two worlds and answering questions of curious students before he gets interrupted by news that the storm approaching the system has decided to move up the timetable.

USS Neptune

While Neptune continues on its way, we learn more about the temporally displaced Roman legion and the events preceding their arrival at the tail end of the 24th century. Responding to news of a Gaulish attack on a Roman outpost, Secudus Aquila orders the legions brought up into formation to deal with a Gaul ambush. Ultimately successful, a foe that had hounded them for years is finally brought low.

SS Vondem Rose

The heist continues unabated! A saboteur team makes an EVA in order to get around all of Royal Station’s internal security in order to take over the station’s engineering and await the signal to enact their part of the plan. Tired of waiting and suspecting something is up, the Last Pirate King summons Sidda before him to demand answers. Then she pulls her big reveal – she wasn’t here to steal something, but someone! A small change in management nets her what she was really after and lets her keep her word – she didn’t steal anything. Returning with prizes in hand and bounties aplenty, they get home just in time to find that the new management is just like the old and has put out a bounty. With no choice, Sidda orders the Vondem Rose into the ion storm. Let the hunt begin!

USS Santa Fe

Getting ready to depart Deep Space Nine for the Gamma Quadrant, the Santa Fe is given new orders to proceed to the Paulson Nebula to evacuate the Sathea IV science colony. Captain Farrell takes a golden opportunity to remind his crew why they do what they do as they make rendevouz with two older ships, the Adriatic and the Bristol. Arriving at Sathea IV the Santa Fe is rebuffed by the colony administrator who is refusing to evacuate, insisting on staying put to study one of the most powerful ion storms in a generation from the inside.


Task Force 86

USS Challenger

After much deliberation, the Challenger’s senior staff decide on a plan to protect the colonists of Coltar IV from the oncoming storm. Devised by Dr. Gabrielle Bennett and Chief Engineer Christopher Jackson, the plan will involve the installation of shield generators around major population centres and will take over a month to implement. Major transporter modifications must also be made to compensate for the severe time differential being experienced by Coltar IV as a result of the nearby rift. Despite transporter safety concerns, Captain Forrester decides to personally beam down to the planet’s surface. Upon arrival, he explains the time differential to Governor Wells. Together, they make preparations for the arrival of work teams for the Challenger on Coltar IV. While he waits for his orders to the ship to cross the time dilation, Forrester is at long last reunited with his parents.

USS Denver/USS Zebulon Pike

Commander Ethan Talon and Lieutenant Commander Jodie Kyo beam aboard Starbase 86. They are briefed by Task Force 86 Commanding Officer Erill’Yun Mek on the situation in the Paulson nebula. The Zebulon Pike is to find out more about an unusually concentrated cluster of subspace rifts that have appeared in Sector 1038. After arriving at the designated coordinates, the Pike’s sensors receive extremely unusual readings, as if one of the rifts is phasing in and out of spacetime. A neutron surge alerts the crew to the use of cloaking technology nearby. Sure enough, on sending out a hail, two Romulan Valore-class warbirds decloak. They power their weapons, causing Commander Talon to order the Pike’s retreat at maximum warp. The ship is caught in the wake of the rift which has, without warning, begun to rapidly expand. Once control of the ship is restored, the crew are unable to pinpoint their location. A strange, seemingly Romulan vessel decloaks nearby, and the Pike is hailed. The Commodore on screen seems Romulan too, but something isn’t quite right. 

USS Crazy Horse

Acting Captain Erin Hayden oversees the evacuation of storm-stricken colony world Galina Prime. Between the overcrowded ship and an uppity colonial leadership, the situation is grim and Hayden is on a short fuse. Dr. T’Lar warns of an outbreak of Altrian flu, and Lieutenant Diego Garcia informs her that despite cramming as many refugees aboard the ship as possible, five thousand still remain planetside. Hayden orders the Crazy Horse to set a course for Rigel at maximum warp, hoping they can make it back in time to save them.

Starbase 86

Captain Erill’Yun Mek attempts to coordinate task force assets in the rescue and relocation of Federation citizens affected by the Century Storm. As one of the closest Starfleet facilities to the Paulson nebula, civilian starships, transports and ships of the line have all begun to converge on Starbase 86. Station personnel brace themselves as the first wave of refugees arrives.


Task Force 93

USS Saratoga

The Saratoga has arrived at Starbase Bravo to pick up the rest of her crew and supplies to continue on with their mission in the Paulson Nebula. After receiving all her crew and supplies, the Saratoga has left Starbase Bravo and proceeded to head into the Paulson Nebula to conduct their mission.

USS Avenger

The Avenger is now en route to the Paulson Nebula to meet up with the Nivaxian Consular Ship, all the while still finishing up with a few remaining upgrades.

USS Centaur

The Centaur has sent a shuttle consisting of ten individuals, likely to be two teams of five people. Unfortunately they are unaware of what is going on aboard the strange vessel that had emerged from the subspace rift, but they will soon find out.