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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

USS Centaur: Mission 4: Road Not Taken

Centuar is tasked to close a subspace rift, but then something comes through, something from the past but from a completely different universe. And what's worse, is that the crew on board are in trouble.

Mission Description

The Centaur is currently tasked to close a subspace rift in the Paulson Nebula to help reduce if not eliminate the storm. The crew of the Centaur will find out that the subspace rift is very unique from the others, that the rift not only showing signs of being 378 years into the past, but also a significant difference in comparison to their universe. What else, is before the Centaur could begin to close the rift, a vessel comes through, a vessel of unique and unknown design, yet it appeared to be made by humans. Unfortunately the rift is making life signs sporadic and preventing the using of transporters. Before they can close the rift, they must board the vessel, eliminate the threat that is on board, assist in repairs and return the vessel through the rift to the universe it came from, rather than be stranded in a universe that they did not belong in. Can the Crew of the Centaur repel an enemy of significant strength and regeneration capabilities? And will the Commanding Officer be able to prove that he is capable of Command, and will this be the Centaur’s last mission? Find out in the conclusion of Centaur’s Stormbreaker Campaign Mission, The Road Not Taken!

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18 March 2022


USS Centaur: Mission 4: Road Not Taken

The Centaur is on its way back to the Devron Fleet Yards at cruising speed. The life on board the vessel with merely fifty crew members, was pretty bleak. While most of the crew were going about performing routine maintenance, the four Ensigns were in the mess hall, Ruby and Mizu competing on who [...]

18 March 2022

Chapter Six - Going Home

USS Centaur: Mission 4: Road Not Taken

Bazial turned her head away from her station to look at Vakai. “Sir, the storm is getting worse.” And as if right on cue, the ship’s shields were suddenly struck by lightning. The deck lurched a little bit but enough to raise concerns. Vakai sighed, “Get me Ryker.” Comms Officer looked to [...]

9 March 2022

Chapter Five - The Remnants

USS Centaur: Mission 4: Road Not Taken

Vakai stood there in front of his chair as he watched the shuttle craft leave the port hangar bay of the Hercules and made its way towards the Centaur. Most of the team were on their way back to the ship since the crisis on board the other vessel had been taken care of. The surviving four [...]

25 February 2022

Chapter Four - All in due time

USS Centaur: Mission 4: Road Not Taken

Colonel Ryker watched as the medical staff attended to the two individuals from the ship named the USS Centaur. So he was told. One of them looked more human than the other, except for the way the eyebrows slanted and the ears. Oh and let’s not forget the blood that he saw. As for the other [...]