End of Operation: Back To Basics

October 4, 2022

Operation: Back To Basics has now ended. A big thank you to everyone who entered our competitions and those who organised the competitions. 

We started this operation with the hope of encouraging everyone to look at developing some of their characters for their primary commands while also doing some world-building on specific areas on their ships. Those who entered our overall competitions, another big thank you for your time and effort. Reading so many entries was quite the job, but seeing how everyone took a unique stance on their entries was fascinating. 

Without further delay, below are the winners of our competitions. 

The Chief Engineers of Bravo Fleet:

The Assistant Chief Engineer of Bravo Fleet:

The Yeomen of Bravo Fleet

The Captain’s Ready Room Development

The Observation Lounge Development 

Main Engineering Development

A huge well done to those who placed!

However, we get to also end our Operation on a couple of high notes…


Please join me in congratulating two of our Task Force Commanding Officers for reaching the rank of Fleet Captain! A big well done to Wooz and to Darth. Earning this rank is very prestigious in Bravo Fleet as it requires a lot of time, effort and dedication in providing so much for our community. Thank you for all that you do.

I am certain we will see more awards and promotions handed out in the coming days to many others. 


The Operations Office is happy to announce the launch of another new game, this one though is not your typical RPG – it is Bravo Fleet’s first Romulan-based RPG since our relaunch a few years ago. Called the RRW Jarok, this game is set on a Valdoreclass warbird and tells the story of its crew from the Romulan Republic. Leading this game are JShep and Aerohead (Game Manager and Assistant Game Manager, respectively). We wish them all the best and encourage our members to keep a close eye on what they get up to!

Even though this event has ended…another one is just around the corner!