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Profile Overview

Ryom Tae-Young

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Chief Petty Officer Tae-Young


Ryom Tae-Young




Ryom is a hard-working, loyal enlisted who stands ready for his commanding officer. He feels that contributing to the command staff in whatever regard, small or big, is a contribution to keeping everything afloat. Ryom is a very structured man that doesn’t let himself be distracted by anything. However, he does have the disadvantage that he is a perfectionist and doesn’t back down any given order as he trusts in the guidance and wisdom of the command structure.


Ryom is about 1.76 meters in height and weighs 72 kg. He has brown eyes that match up with his short brown hair. Ryom is quite muscled from his hobby as a fitness junky and doesn’t mind showing off in crew sports matches. However, he has a scar on his lower back from his service in the Dominion War.


People will know him as an extrovert with observant, thinking, and prospecting personality traits. His presence is mainly seen as energetic and action-oriented, and he is always open to unraveling life’s opportunities. He is bold, rational, and yet practical with keen perception. But where is strength, there is weakness. Ryom is often insensitive to those who don’t put their best effort into their work. He is pretty impatient, which could cause him into a risky situation. On the other hand, Ryom shows leadership skills to the other enlisted personnel with no problem.


Early Life

In a way, Ryom was born in the suitable period as his youth was much uneventful without any direct threats out there wanting to challenge the Federation or, more specifically, Earth. The young Ryom was a rather big dreamer, but with a lack of waiting to reach it. He wanted to explore the universe and get to know all the strange things lying there to grasp. But he didn’t want to wait four years and be put through the slow, boring education system of Starfleet Academy to reach his goals. He, therefore, announced to his friends and family that he would join Starfleet Enlisted.

Starfleet Enlisted Training Center (2368-2370)

Now Starfleet Enlisted the ability to do a crash course of 6 months and maybe some additional courses that help the development of a person. Ryom entered the so-called boot camp to explore the possibilities. There he would learn the discipline and decorum required of all Starfleet members. Topics he would get familiar with were zero-gravity training, starship and station emergency procedures, fitness and nutrition, first aid, and essential small arms. Ryom was already one of the top students but was pointed out to keep his arrogance out of the classes as he sometimes trashed talks with those that couldn’t hold their own in training.

Ryom entered the next stage of his training, the Starfleet Career Apprenticeship program. He was getting assigned to the Yeoman Apprenticeship at Starbase 10 to become a worthy Yeoman and touch some of the areas as a cleric.

Starfleet Career  – Starbase 10 (2370 -2373)

Starbase 10 was not a fantastic base of operation. It was quite a busy port with a lot of personnel and merchants. Ryom was part of the command administrative support team that gave support in daily operational duties. Ryom enjoyed working with both the Captain and the First Officer, who were deemed well-experienced officers in their respective fields. Thought, in the coming years it became clear to Ryom that he only had a click with this department and not so much with others. He was sent out to give support to Engineering and Operation support. But in the end, he felt more at home at the Command division.

Tension was raising, and the new building-up threat of the Dominion was putting Ryom in an uneasy feeling. He had gained quite a lot of experience over the last few years. He became a personnel specialist due to his constant interaction with other enlisted crew members that needed help or guidance.

Starfleet Career – Starbase 310 (2373 – 2384)

In 2373, with the declaration of war of the Dominion, Ryom was transferred to Starbase 310 which operated more on the front line of the war. Ryom became in charge of the enlisted personnel of that base and was the administrative aid to the Command Division on both Starbase and Regional command. Raids by Cardassian ships on Starbase 310 were becoming more frequent as one battle got onto the base where Ryom managed to protect the command team yet got himself a ticket to the medical bay.

It took a good month to recover from that severe injury that left him with a scar on his back. He was present in the operational center when the news hit them that the Dominion would withdraw their forces from the Alpha Quadrant, giving an overwhelming joy and celebration. Ryom was given a few medals for his action and service for Starbase 310 and during the war. He became a more fundamental part of the starbase operations over the years until tension rose at the Romulan borders.

Starfleet Career – Starbase 23 (2384 – 2400)

It was all hands on deck, with the Romulan star on the brink of a supernova. Ryom found himself now much closer to the borders than before. He was reassigned to Starbase 23 to become the Command Division Yeoman and their personnel specialist in the operations of the enlisted personnel. Ryom had more difficulty adapting to these new grounds, as people had a mentality to stick to their job and not interfere with any other. That attitude changed when the Romulan star went supernova, and the sudden changes were visible on the borders with an internal struggle of new powers.

Ryom was most of his time involved in the supportive element in negotiations with the Romulan Republic that was now at their borders. These talks were not the easiest, but from what Ryom had heard about the other political forces, this one was relatively straightforward.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2368 - 2370 Enlisted Recruit Starfleet Enlisted Center
2370 - 2371 Yeoman Starbase 10
2371 - 2373 Yeoman - Command Starbase 10
2373 - 2375 Yeoman - Command Starbase 310
2375 - 2384 Yeoman - Command Starbase 310
2384 - 2398 Yeoman - Command Starbase 23
2398 - Present Yeoman - Command Starbase 23