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Xertes Tles

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Commander Tles


Chief Engineerin Officer
USS Rhea (Archive)


Xertes Tles


Tellar Prime


A veteran of Starfleet for over 50 years, Commander Tles is an experienced engineer who served on a number of ships during his distinguished career. Unusually calm for a Tellarite, Tles prefers the quiet calm of engineering, but is prideful to a fault concerning his work. Despite his calm nature, the Commander is somewhat grouchier in his old age and insists he will be forced to retire soon, though he has made no effort to do so.


Appearance: Short, even for a Tellarite, Tles stands just 5’5” tall and is considered overweight in the eyes of Starfleet regs. The engineer insists he is working to improve his BMI. Despite his age, height and weight, Tles appears as a typical Tellarite, with all the features that entails. He does not appear to have lower tusks often associated with his kind.



Crotchety, from age, according to Tles, the Tellarite prefers quiet and calm as opposed to endless debate. Argument for argument’s sake is a waste of his intellect. That being said, he won’t back down from a challenge or an insult and can spare (argue) with the best.


Early Life

Federation diplomat, Zhettohg Rar, enroute to Bajor for negotiations with the Cardassian Union went into premature labor on ship. She gave birth to her third child, Xertes Tles, and was forced to return to Tellar Prime. Disappointed and emotional, Zhettohg Rar felt her absence likely caused the heightened tensions between the  Cardassians and the Bajorans, though she did not lay any blame onto the boy.

The child of Zhettohg Rar and the Tellar Prime statesman Thar, Xertes Tles enjoyed a relatively content life until his parents’ divorce when he was 12 years of age. After the split, Xertes and his new sister traveled the galaxy with their mother. His other siblings, two older brothers, remained with their father. Rar continued as a diplomat which meant much of her time was spent on the move and on ships and her children followed along. Life on the move offered a 12-year-old Xertes a way of life few children had. He became privy to the workings of many starfleet vessels and was particularly fascinated with engineering and aided in some tasks on some vessels.

While stationed aboard the USS Matador, an Ambassador class starship, due to his mother’s status, Xertes was given the unofficial title of acting ensign. The Tellarite performed very mundane tasks for the engineering team. Even so, he shadowed the team, learning all he could learn. Zhettohg Rar still hoped her son would follow in her footsteps and pursue a life in politics. When asked about his future, Xertes said he wanted to join starfleet. So enraged, Rar  left the Matador with her two children and went back to Tellar Prime. However, Xertes stole a shuttle to meet up with the Matador. He almost made it, but was returned to his mother. Though angry, she finally understood her son’s passion and gave in. Zhettohg Rar and her estranged husband pulled a few strings to get Xertes’ into Starfleet academy.

The USS Thebes 2350 – 2361

Upon graduation from the academy, Ensign Tles was assigned to the USS Thebes, a Freedom class scout vessel. Less than a decade in service, the Thebes was not a desired assignment as the ship was cramped and lacked many engineering features most of its contemporaries considered standard. However, while most of the crew disliked the Thebes, Tles thrived. As a junior engineer, he was forced to constantly improvise and considered the experience to be a great tutor.

During his first year on the Thebes, Xertes made lasting friendships in the tight surroundings and shared quarters. His fellow engineers, Memblia Babol, an unjoined Trill, Zadick from Benzar and a female Caitian named C’Nala became Tles’ closest companions. They worked together, ate together, slept together and enjoyed down time together. As the work on the Thebes could be tedious, Tiles and his friends would often sneak off to dark corners of the ship to make homemade alcohol. Regular household items were replicated separately by all four individuals then later combined to create the still. Once the party was over, each item was recycled. Careful as they were, eventually the foursome did get caught and all were forced to perform double duty.

The Thebes, like most of its class, was stationed around outlying colonies to protect them from raiders. While defending a small colony from Orion pirates, the warp core was damaged. During the battle, the Chief Engineer was killed. Tles and his comrades were able to repair the core in time for reinforcements to arrive. Tles and his companions were promoted to Lieutenant shortly after.

In 2356, the Thebes was recalled for a refit to replace the current nacelle with a Galaxy-type. Tles stayed on through the refit and was promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Engineer when the ship was relaunched.  He transferred to the USS Cambodia in 2261.

USS Cambodia 2361 – 2367

Compared to the USS Thebes, the Galaxy class USS Cambodia was a grand palace. The pinnacle of Starfleet ingenuity at the time, the  Cambodia, was a dream assignment  for Lt. Tles. His first assignment was to oversee the number 3 impulse engine. At 42 decks, the ship required an enormous amount of power to propel.

The USS Cambodia saw many adventures that tested Tles’ skills and he was eventually promoted to Lt. Commander in his fourth year on board. These included skirmishes with the Cardassian Union.

With the spacious surroundings, Xertes found more time to devote to leisure activities including a weekly mud bath in his own quarters. However, it was on the USS Cambodia that Tles struck up a romantic relationship with fellow engineer, Averaa Sh’tytrer. An Andorian and a Tellarite made for an odd pairing, but it worked. Based on a love of the ship and mutual respect, the courtship between Averaa and Xertes grew into something serious. The two were bonded on the ship two years into their voyage.

As the ship offered room for families, Averaa and Xertes decided they would adopt a young child orphaned by the Cardasian occupation on Bajor. Before adoption plans were made, the USS Cambodia was ordered to Wolf 359.

During the battle against the borg at Wolf 359 the USS Cambodia was one of the first ships hit by the borg cube. There was little time to escape. Though Tles managed to transport himself and most of his team to escape pods, the majority of the crew, including Averaa Sh’tytrer, were killed when the ship exploded. Lt. Commander Tles watched from a crowded pod as Starfleet’s best was decimated.

Tellar Prime 2367 – 2368

For a brief time, Xertes moved back to Tellar Prime and reunited with his family or what was left of them. Both his mother and eldest brother were killed at Wolf 359. Zhettohg Rar, on a diplomatic mission, refused to depart the vessel, confident that Starfleet would prevail in the battle. His eldest brother, a Chief of Security on the USS Chekov, saved a number of the crew before he was killed. The USS Thebes, Tles first ship, was also destroyed in the battle. All hands were lost.

Tles spent much of his time on Tellar Prime to be with his father, Thar and sister. His other brother had disappeared, though rumors suggested he went pirate. Thar, despondent over the loss of his ex-wife and son died several months later. Xertes and his sister parted ways soon after. They never saw one another again.

USS Pauling 2368 – 2372

Still reeling from loss, Tles requested a transfer to the USS Pauling, an Olympic class science vessel. Comparable to the Galaxy class in comfort, the USS Pauling saw LC Tles rise to Chief Engineer in two years. Though not a prestigious assignment for an engineer, Tles found the clam relaxing and gave him time to debate some of the most brilliant minds he had met in Starfleet. As the Pauling stuck close to home, the ship’s tenure was unremarkable. He eventually grew restless which prompted the Tellarite to try for a command of his own.

USS Barbarossa 2372 – 2374

At the insistence of his late mother, Tles had taken command training at the academy, though he never expected to actually captain a ship. Restless on board the Pauling, Lt. Commander Tles took the reins of an aging Miranda class scout vessel.

As a scout, the Barbarossa remained close to the Federation-Klingon border in the Archanis Sector and engaged numerous Birds of Prey during short skirmishes or Klingon raids. However, as the Barbarossa was over 50 years old, the ship was in constant need of repair. Tles began to regret his decision to command as the ship reminded him so much of the Thebes where he cut his teeth as an engineer. After the Battle of Sector 001, Tles rethought his position as captain and resigned his commission a year later.

USS Stingray 2374 – 2377

Promoted to Commander during the Dominion War, Tles was assigned as Chief Engineer to the Defiant class vessel, USS Stingray. The small ship that packed a punch was cramped and lacked any amenities the much larger ships boasted. A state of the warship tagged as an escort, the Stingray accompanied larger vessels into battle. Time and time again, even during heavy losses, the little ship proved its might.

With only a crew of 25, friendships grew and personalities clashed. While Tles got along with his team quite well, he typically clashed with the Captain, Henry Daverove. Tles was old school, improvising when he could. Cpt. Daverove trusted the state of the art tech instilled in the Stingray. Nevertheless, the two men eventually found a common respect for one another.

The Stingray joined the First Battle of Chin’tok as a scout, managing hit and run tactics that enabled larger vessels to better engage the enemy. The battle was won, but the Stingray suffered losses, including the XO. Tles was promoted, against his will, to First Officer. The Stingray remained a vital component of the war, specializing in hit and run scenarios against the Dominion.

At the Battle of Cardassia the Stingray stuck to its strategy as an escort, breaking lines with hit and run scenarios so larger ships could burst through. A fourth of the crew were killed during the battle, including the Captain. Tles took command just as the tide turned against the Dominion.

USS Salk 2377 – 2389

As the USS Stingray suffered heavy losses and significant damage, the escort was scuttled by Tles. He transferred to the medical ship USS Salk as Chief Engineer. An Olympic class vessel, the Salk aided in rescue efforts on Cardassia Prime.

A relatively peaceful time period for the Federation, Tles found himself surprisingly content with his life and remained on the Salk for several years. During this time, Tles attempted to contact his sister, but received no reply. Later the Salk assisted in the relocation of Romulans after the destruction of their sun.

The USS North Sea 2389 – Present

Though many of his friends urged Tles back to command, the Tellarite was content to remain in engineering. He even declined promotion to captain, afraid someone would put him in charge again. The North Sea, nearly a decade old, was Captained by a Betazoid straight out of the Academy. As Chief Engineer, Tles felt a bit like a babysitter and the two often clashed. Once the Betazoid left for greener pastures the North Sea was given to Commodore Diane Newsom, who made a significant name for herself in the Dominion War. In her 80s, Newsom’s command was typically regulated to second contact, diplomatic escort and scientific surveys.

When the Commodore unexpedly died of natural causes, Tles was all but ordered to take command. Relectualy, he prepared to do just that. Fortunately, Captain Charlotte Fawkes, who had been formally reprimanded, took command and Tles retained as Chief Engineer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2346 - 2347 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2347 - 2348 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2348 - 2349 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2349 - 2350 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2350 - 2362 Engineer USS Thebes
2362 - 2367 Assitant Chief Engineer USS Cambodia
2368 - 2372 Chief Engineer USS Pauling
Lieutenant Commander
2372 - 2374 Commanding Offficer USS Barbarossa
2372 - 2377 Chief Engineer USS Stingray
2377 - 2389 Chief Engineer USS Salk
2389 - Present Chief Engineer USS Rhea