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Jayvyn Obi

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Obi


Jayvyn Kaodinakachi Obi


Nigeria, Earth


At first glance, Lt. Obi is unassuming. He prefers to work either alone or with like-minded individuals. This earns him a reputation of either being shy or arrogant, which neither is the case. Once the ice is broken with Jayvyn, he is quite sociable. The LT takes his work seriously, but is just as devoted to his off hours with good friends. Jayvyn enjoys socializing, especially at parties and often places the spotlight on himself.

As Assistant Chief Engineer, Lt. Obi is dedicated to his work to a fault. Dividing personal and private life, Jayvyn presents only a professional persona while on duty.


Standing nearly six foot, Obi keeps himself physically fit with a strict diet and regular exercise. Obi prides himself on his appearance and keeps himself well groomed at all times. Occasionally, the LT allows stubble to grow as he has been told it’s a handsome look for him.


At work, Lt. Obi is a professional, rigid and duty bound. While not offensive, the LT is a stickler for details and will point out errors as he sees them, no matter the circumstances. Off duty, Jayvyn, is good matured and lighthearted. Always polite and ready with a smile, Obi is able to start a conversation with just about anyone. His crew mates will sometimes jokingly refer to him as Mr. Hyde at parties.  In formal gatherings, Jayvyn presents himself accordingly. If anything, he adapts well to most situations.


Early Life 2374 – 2393

In 2374 Esi Musa-Obi gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Asaba, Nigeria. Due to an emergency, his father, Diji Obi, viewed his son’s arrival from McKinley Station. Born Jayvyn Kaodinakachi Obi, he was named after his grandfather and his great uncle, respectively.

Despite the fact that Jayvyn’s parents lived separately, they remained married. Diji would visit whenever time allowed, and when he was old enough, the boy visited McKinley Station where his father worked as a foreman. Esi Musa-Obi worked as an administrator for a large veterinarian hospital.

Home was in an apartment building by the Niger river where Jayvyn lived with his mother. Jovial and friendly, Jayvyn was a popular kid with a multitude of friends. On weekends he would play football (soccer) and go boating with his friends.

His childhood dream was to sail the Niger alone, possibly set up a small tour boat to ferry the curious up and down the famed waters. That dream never truly died, but it did take a detour when he began spending more time with his dad.

Already adept at boat repair, Jayvyn became fascinated by the inner workings of McKinley Station. He watched, from a distance, as his father and others made repairs on various ships and met scores of individuals from Starfleet. On one such occasion, Obi inquired about the academy from a friend of his dad’s, Reginald Barclay.

Starfleet Academy 2393 – 2397

Hopeful and optimistic, at 19, Jayvyn Obi entered starfleet academy at Mellstoxx III and majored in warp systems engineering and mechanical engineering. It was his first journey outside the Sol system. As a whole new world had opened to Obi, he was overwhelmed at first and his grades suffered because of it.

Jayvyn’s best friend at the academy was an unjoined Trill, Ehjar Rox. The two were inseparable and when Ehjar saw that Jayvyn was struggling, he helped his friend improve his grades.

Both Obi and Rox became popular on campus and hosted parties when they could. When both men fell for the same girl, however, their relationship soured. Past their Sophomore year, the two did not speak for many months. Later, the girl transferred from Mellstoxx III to San Fransico. Upon their Senior year the two men made up and discovered that friendship was only the start of their relationship. The two began to date and were married before graduation.

Just as Obi and Rox were scheduled to be stationed at Starbase Bravo together, Ehjar was selected to become a host for a symbiont. Ehjar was second on the list to host, but when the first host died unexpectedly, the Trill had no choice but to return to his home planet. Ehjar Rox became Ehjar Nirs. He remained on Trill for several months for acclimation.

Obi went on to complete Academy training within four years. He was graded high on on simulations and was in the top ten of his class for engineering. He excelled at survival training, flight control and self defense, but took the zero-G training three times before he received a stellar grade.

Starbase Bravo 2397 – 2398

When his husband left unexpectedly, Jayvyn remained on the station in hopes his relationship would still flourish, much like his parents’. At first it did, but eventually the distance became overwhelming. While Obi was okay with the arrangement, Nirs was not. Instead of breaking up, however, Jayvyn was asked to be a host for Ehjar’s Zhian’tara. During the ritual, Obi was the vessel for Nirs’s third host body.

Back at Bravo, Ensign Obi was assigned to Sector Foxtrot-One-Emerald and worked on the antimatter reactors.

USS Plymouth Rock 2398 – 2400

Within a few months of his husband’s return, Obi and Ehjar were assigned to the Reliant class USS Plymouth Rock. While Obi worked under the Assistant Chief Engineer. Nirs was at the helm on the bridge. Both cut their teeth on the Rock, as it was named, and Jayvyn shadowed his superiors with great enthusiasm, intent on learning the ropes.

A workhorse for the Federation, the Plymouth Rock acted mostly as a patrol ship near Cardassian space and repelled several raids. The Rock also saw action during the Battle of Archanis and aided in pushing back the House of D’Ghor.

In early 2400, the Rock assisted the USS Heisenberg, an Odyssey class science vessel, with scientific research into the Century Storm. Acting as support, the Rock kept an eye out for raids. The unpredictability of the Ion storms made large science, rescue and supply ships fodder for the brave or foolhardy pirates. One such raider attempted an attack on the Heisenberg. The Rock moved in and destroyed the raiders, but in doing so, were caught in a large storm. The engineers, including Obi, did all they could to maintain shields. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and the ship sustained heavy damage and suffered 57 fatalities, including Jayvyn’s husband, Ensign Ehjar Nirs.

After the death of his husband, Ensign Obi returned briefly to Starbase Bravo where he worked in the Shipyard, hoping a reconnection with an old occupation would heal his wounds. He was promoted to Lieutenant and commended for his due diligence on the Rock. No matter what, he still felt empty.

USS North Sea 2400 – Present

After Captain Fawkes took command of the USS North Sea, roughly half the crew transferred or was reassigned. She was then tasked with finding a new crew. Chief Engineer Xertes Tles heard of the tale of the USS Plymouth Rock and the bravery of their engineers and suggested Obi as Assistant Chief Engineer. Fawkes paid head to the old timer’s advice and looked up the young LT. At first Jayvyn declined, content to isolate himself and fester his self pity, but after a talk with Tles, the Lieutenant agreed.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
3393 - 2392 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx III
Cadet Freshman Grade
2394 - 2395 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx III
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2395 - 2396 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx III
Cadet Junior Grade
2396 - 2397 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx III
Cadet Senior Grade
2397 - 2398 Engineer Starbase Bravo
2398 - 2400 Engineer USS Plymouth Rock
2400 - Present Assitant Chief Engineer USS North Sea
Lieutenant Junior Grade