[Phase 3]: STO: Protecting and Growing the Republic


According to Star Trek Online lore, eventually the Star Empire’s fracturing gave rise to the Romulan Republic, arguably one of the best pieces of beta canon to ever come out of Star Trek Online. Starting off as little more than a flotilla of ships full of like-minded officers, the Republic rose to galactic power status, getting an equal seat at Khitomer and becoming an important part of the Federation Alliance. Also they have Commander Jarok, the badass captain of the Lleiset, but I digress.

They did not get to where they were without challenges. The Star Empire, along with the Tal’Shiar, are constantly stirring trouble within the newly formed Republic. The Tholians have interests on New Romulus and in the Azure Nebula, major parts of the Republic’s control area. New Romulus was a major battleground of the Iconian War.

For this phase of the competitions, this is a less complicated option that does not require writing, but it does require you to play the game. Every single piece of Romulan content you play counts as a played entry, but only on a Romulan Republic character.


  • Screenshot one of your Romulan characters and submit it to this competition below
  • Submit completion screenshots in the Gaming Submissions area of BFMS with your Romulan characters
  • Every ribbon entered for in this competition will count; highest numbers of ribbons wins


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Tallera 2402 2022-07-10 16:01:57
Imya Jori 10 2022-07-04 02:06:30
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