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26 April 2024

2. Systems Check

USS Athena: The Peacekeepers

On the other side of the world, specifically on the bridge of the USS Athena, a lot of things were happening while waiting for the captain to arrive. Natalie Kurtz is the standing executive officer and the most senior officer on deck, and she now has the responsibility of making sure everything is [...]

20 April 2024

First Impressions (First Contact)

USS Athena: One-Shot

Computer, start recording.Lieutenants Personal Log Stardate 238806.09I was recently included in the away mission on the discovery of a new planet. This is a very important milestone in diplomatic relations between this planet and the United Federation of Planets. With the USS Challenger, a [...]

31 March 2024

Breach of Honor (Friend or Foe)

USS Athena: One-Shot

Walking in a rush to the captains ready room is not an easy task, but Vaughn was seemingly doing it as of the moment. He was called by the captain over his com badge to immediately go to him. ”Lieutenant Vaughn, report to the captains ready room immediately.” So here we are, Vaughn standing [...]

23 March 2024

The Dimly Lit Star (The Lucky Crewmember)

USS Athena: One-Shot

Have you ever wondered how Harold Vaughn ever attained the rank and commission to the rank of Captain just at the ripe age of 38? How he was given the command of a Prometheus class starship? One of the most formidable ships in Starfleet‘s service? Well, let me tell you a story that goes back [...]