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Breach of Honor (Friend or Foe)

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Walking in a rush to the captains ready room is not an easy task, but Vaughn was seemingly doing it as of the moment. He was called by the captain over his com badge to immediately go to him. ”Lieutenant Vaughn, report to the captains ready room immediately.” So here we are, Vaughn standing outside the ready room ready to knock when he heard, “Lieutenant, come in.”

”Lieutenant, I have a task of great importance. We have received intelligence from Starfleet Command that the maquis have something of great importance at the planetary base we are currently traveling to. So I need you to be Team Omega’s team leader as of the moment as a team leader has yet to be chosen. Team Delta will not be deployed any time soon so you still have your position as Team Delta’s team leader but I am as of the moment assigning you the command of Team Omega. Is that understood Lieutenant?“ asked the Captain of the USS Avalon, an Obena class starship which Vaughn was currently stationed at.

”Aye sir. Entirely at your disposal.“

”Good, the team is at your command Lieutenant. Anything you need, ask it from me. Your team will deploy exactly the moment we arrive at the planetary base. Your priority should be retrieving whatever that is they are looking for. You will all be armed as all members are combat trained.“

”I am guessing Team Omega has been told of this development and situation?“

“Yes, they have been informed. Meet the team at the armory bay. Godspeed Lieutenant.” said the Captain. 

“Lieutenant Vaughn Sir! I am the team’s deputy leader, Lieutenant Junior Grade Alakol, weapons specialist and tactical officer sir! Welcome to Team Omega!” said Alakol, introducing him self to the new team leader.

”At ease people. I’m sure some of us already know each other with the same type of work we do on a daily basis but I see some unfamiliar faces. So let us quickly introduce our selves and our specialties in what we do.” said Vaughn, interested to know everyone’s specialized skill or department.

“Ensign Lopez Sir! Team pilot, trained in advance maneuvers on shuttle crafts and small crafts alike. Trained in hand to hand combat and advanced evasive maneuvers and tactics.” said Lopez.

”With him as the team’s pilot sir you don’t have to worry about not getting there.”

“Ensign Clifford, field medic. Trained in advance forms of medical and surgical procedures.”

”You wouldn’t have to worry about losing a life and last but not the least.”

”Lieutenant Junior Grade Ponter Sir! Tactical marksmen. Give me any weapon I can arm and disarm and effectively use it against the enemy sir. Also hand to hand combat trained.”

Pondering on his new temporary team, Vaughn could only say one thing, “Pleased to see all of you specialized in a set of skills and roles. I will have the utmost pleasure in working with you guys. XO, do you have the equipment ready to go?”

”Locked and loaded sir! Everything has been packed and ready for immediate use.“ said Alokal.

Nodding his head in acknowledgment, Vaughn then said, “Let’s have a rundown on what’s going to happen down at the planetary base.”

”Team Omega you have a green light. Proceed to hanger bay 2 immediately.”

”That is our go signal, is everything well and functioning?“ asked Vaughn.

”Aye Sir!“ was the collective answer of Team Omega. “Then let’s go!“

”Ensign Lopez, let us go.“ ordered Vaughn. “I want intelligence on the maquis and their vessels tactical advantages.“

”Sir, the intelligence suggests that the maquis are looking for some part of a technology that could be found at the planetary base below.” said Alakol.

”How big is it? Any distinctive markings to identify the said object?”

”No sir, but intelligence suggests that it does emit bursts of radiation emissions while harmless it is detectable by our equipment.”

”Ensign Clifford, your equipment should be of use. Look out and scan for any signs of radiation emissions when we land.“ ordered Vaughn. “Aye sir!”

”Lopez, what is our ETA?”

”30 seconds sir, it should get a little bumpy so have a seat.” said Lopez suggesting to the Lieutenant to have a sit.

“We have landed outside the base, Sir.“ said Lopez.

”Weapons charged on stun? All equipment good to go XO?”

”Aye sir.” was the collective answer of the team who was already suited into their hazard suits with a regulation type 2 hand phaser, compression phaser rifle and a field tricoder. 

“Let’s go. Keep your eyes peeled for maquis. Stun anyone you see and get the objective item.” said Vaughn for the last time.

Arriving at the planetary base, the team was cautious in entering the base and finding the objective item that the maquis needed for their technology. The intelligence suggests that the maquis has an object of importance and that they have sent the hazard team of USS Avalon to search and retrieve it. 

“Sir, no life signs currently at the base. What‘s weird is that there are no signs of radiation emission yet. I am concluding that the device would be contained in a container in which our sensors can’t detect.“ said Ensign Clifford. 

“That’s strange. Ensign Lopez did you detect any maquis ships? Or at least hi jacked vessels that have been commandeered?” asked Vaughn. 

“No sir, no ships detected during our decent into the atmosphere. No ships on surface either.”

”Sir! I think I have found the said object in question. Minimal radiation leaking sir, whoever had the box was not so careful in containing the device.“

How could that be? If they didn’t want the device found then they would have been contained for securely. That did not make any sense in the mind of one Harold Vaughn.

”Thank you for finding it for us.” then the shooting started. Rifle blasts were heard throughout the base.


”Too da loo! You have my eternal thanks and gratitude.” said Ponters. He was then beamed away from the base with the device in hand. 

“Curse you Ponters!” screamed Vaughn. A traitor in our midst and a hazard team member?! What will I ever say to the Captain on what happened here. A traitor in our midst…