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First Impressions (First Contact)

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Computer, start recording.

Lieutenants Personal Log Stardate 238806.09

I was recently included in the away mission on the discovery of a new planet. This is a very important milestone in diplomatic relations between this planet and the United Federation of Planets. With the USS Challenger, a Sovereign-class starship under the command of Captain Matthew Hawthorne. 

The species home world was located in the northern part of the galactic cluster which was full of asteroids which gave our helm officer a had time navigating around. The Captain assembled an away team to make first contact with the species and I was luckily included. 

A warp capable civilization was one of the requirements to make first contact and it seems like there were already several ships surrounding the planets atmosphere. The captain spoke for us and opened diplomatic relations between the both of us, in which the other party agreed to allow us to beam down.

Beaming down, the first impression I made of the place was that it was full of jungles and trees. It was an endless stream of trees that seemingly never end. The people that stood before us looked like humanoids but with one critical difference. The people had cat-like ears but had normal hands and legs. That was very strange indeed. 

When the native people of Bupolia V spoke, it also revealed a very interesting bit of information. Their teeth were razor sharp. Like those of vampires from olden myths on Earth. The universal translator surprisingly worked quickly in translating and adopting to the new language which was full of rough words and sentences that almost sounded like the Klingons. 

Anyways, the Captain has agreed to keep relations open and has agreed to beam down again tomorrow at 1200, standard earth time. I been included in the away team for the rest of the journey and I am expected to right a full report for Starfleet Command. That’s all.

Computer, end personal log.