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The Dimly Lit Star (The Lucky Crewmember)

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Have you ever wondered how Harold Vaughn ever attained the rank and commission to the rank of Captain just at the ripe age of 38? How he was given the command of a Prometheus class starship? One of the most formidable ships in Starfleet‘s service? Well, let me tell you a story that goes back years when he was the chief tactical and operations officer for several other starships in the past.

”Today, we are here to celebrate the heroic and life saving efforts of the crew who held against the attack of the Borg forces. Many lives were lost in the process of attaining this but on the end we are victorious. We stand here in this sacred hall to honour those who fought and defended the United Federation of Planets. WE STAND HERE. To commemorate the lives of the crews that were lost. WE STAND HERE. To reflect on the past mistakes and failures we have made that led to this. WE STAND HERE. To learn from the mistakes we have made in the past. WE STAND HERE. To learn to be vigilant once again. WE STAND HERE. To have a moment of silence for those who gave their lives to help us.”

At this moment, Harold Vaughn held his breathe in silent contemplation. He was one of the lucky ones to have escaped the slaughter machine which is called the Borg. The incident of the Frontier Day in which they are commemorating today has left a deep mental scar in his ever lasting memory. 

”The Dimly Lit Star, survives yet another tragedy. I am indeed lucky while being unlucky.” muttered Vaughn softly. 

“Let us give our graduates a big round of applause! They have gradually and have been granted the commission to the rank of Ensigns, with their own choosing for their first ever posting whether it be on a star ship or a starbase. The choice is yours Cadets! Or should I say Ensign? You carry our legacy, our future, our hope. You are the next generation to reach the stars and to seek out new life and civilizations. You hold our dreams with the turning of the century. Our technology has advanced and so have we. You are the best example and people for this. I shall finish off today’s ceremony with a few words from our honor graduates starting off with Harold Vaughn, who graduated tactical/operations school with flying colors of A plusses and not a single fail. Let us give one big round of applause!”

Walking up the stage to give his own speech was like a dream that he wished never came true but also wished came true. “I don’t know anymore?” muttered Vaughn quietly. ”I stand before you here today to give you a few words of encouragement. I myself did not make this quote so I respectfully quote my father who has helped me grow in the virtues and values of being a Starfleet Officer. It is he who made me into the person I am today and I am forever grateful to him and to everyone who ever believed in me.”

”There are many paths in life to take but to choose the right one is something unforeseen until you reach the very end of the road you have opted to take. But should that ever hinder your dreams? Live a little and take your chance to find out. If it’s the wrong path, atleast you can learn from it.”

”Those very words were my inspiration from my father who helped me through my academy years. It gave me a hope for a future that has yet to come. So I urge everyone to maybe listen a little to the inspiration that my father has gave me. I was of the lucky ones, I excelled academically yet I lacked friends throughout the first few years of the academy. The Dimly Lit Star, my father always said. I am and will forever be a Dimly Lit Star. However I may be lucky in life, there are always things I am not lucky at. Thank you.” finished Vaughn who held his head down with the memories of his fathers words rushing back to him.

“Commander Harold Vaughn, you stand here before the council with heavy decisions yet to be made by us, the Admiralty. You have been held responsible for the lives of the crew of a starship. You made a very risky decision as the chief tactical officer. While no lives were lost in the process of engaging a Klingon warbird, your actions have been taken into consideration.“ said the Admiral who was sat at the middle of the council chamber.

“We have two options, to promote you for your foolish yet logical decision or we decide to ship you of to some Starbase and make you the head of the tactical department in which we are currently short of. With the event of Frontier Day making us lack the necessary staff.“ said a Vulcan Vice Admiral. “We are considering this course of action. Promote you to the rank of Captain then assign you to Starbase 55. Most personnel were reassigned to different Star base as they lack staff members.“

”Or we could also promote you to the rank of Captain and assign you a tactical starship? In which you’ll be assigned to report to Task Force 72 under the command of Captain Geromino Fontana.”

”You are dismissed as of the moment. Please stay outside the council chamber until we convey our decision with you.“ said the Admiral.

Sitting outside the council chamber, Vaughn was contemplating if he was going to be promoted or demotion for his rather foolish actions engaging with a Klingon warbird. His thoughts revolved around his whole entire service in Starfleet. While his train of thought was running wildly, his thoughts were interrupted. “Commander, you may reenter the council chamber.“

Walking into the council chamber, Vaughn held his breathe while waiting for the Admiralties decision. “Congratulations Captain Vaughn. You have been assigned the command of a Prometheus-class starship.”

Thus here we are, the Dimly Lit Star who is considered lucky yet unfortunate yet the stars have shined upon him. May his future be a star albeit a dimly lit one.