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USS Cupertino: Uncharted Dimensions

When the USS Cupertino embarks on a critical mission to rescue Captain Jurev,  nothing could have prepared them for the gravimetric distortions that drag their ship into a mysterious and perilous network of subspace corridors known as Underspace

Mission Description

The USS Cupertino, commanded by Captain Nassar, is on a mission to locate and rescue Captain Jurev, the Cupertino’s former Commanding Officer who mysteriously disappeared a few weeks prior. En route, the crew detects unusual gravimetric distortions and, upon investigation, is unexpectedly pulled into an Underspace aperture.

About the Mission

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Start Date

13 July 2024

Rescue Attempt

USS Cupertino: Uncharted Dimensions

There wasn’t much time left, and Saffiya hastily made her way out of the holodeck and back to the turbolift. She had given Gul Dan ten minutes to return her away teams, and the time was almost up. She didn’t believe he would simply let them go, but deep down there was still that spark of hope [...]

12 July 2024

... Win Stupid Prizes

USS Cupertino: Uncharted Dimensions

Saffiya didn’t love leaving the bridge, but knew that Hina had set boundaries for B.L.A.D.E – namely staying confined to the holodeck – which she didn’t want to undermine. At least not yet. She had given Sydin the bridge for the time being, and made her way to reconnect with their [...]

11 July 2024

Play stupid games...

USS Cupertino: Uncharted Dimensions

Lieutenant Ashli Sydin rushed towards the bridge. The ongoing conversations and negotiations with the Cardassians had just taken an unexpected turn when Gul Dan claimed the Cupertino had sent a spy on board. As far as Sydin knew, the officers they had sent over were the least spy-capable people she [...]

10 July 2024

Experiences (Pt.2)

USS Cupertino: Uncharted Dimensions

After a few hours of working on the Zantett and getting to know its crew and medical staff, Nichelle found that she wasn’t actually scared of Cardassians. They were people, and they had major or minor injuries, and just like what species someone was had never really interested her beyond the [...]