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Overwatch Station (Archive)

Task Force 93

Deep Space 404, code-named Overwatch Station, is a Federation Jupiter-class research station located on the extreme spinward edge of Federation space coreward of the Romulan Free State and near the Talvath Cluster. Operating under the auspices of Starfleet Stellar Cartography, this station is the control facility for the Daren Subspace Radio Telescope Array, currently being built by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to study the Talvath Cluster. This all-Starfleet facility orbits New Java (Zeta Asteropes IIIA), an uninhabited O-class moon being considered for possible Cetacean colonization which, in turn, orbits Cyclops, a class-J gas giant with a circular eternal storm at the equator. The station’s presence, though well within Federation space, is a point of contention between the Federation and the Romulan Free State, as the Tal’Shiar believe the subspace telescope could easily be used to spy on Romulan worlds.

Starfleet Command has assigned the USS Dyson an Edison-class ship as the station’s permanent attached ship.

Saratoga Squadron


USS Saratoga
Squadron Flagship



USS Triumph
Rapid Response



USS Knight



Overwatch Station
Research Facility


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