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USS Tomcat (NCC-62514)

We're the Tomcat. We go prowling around looking for trouble.

USS Tomcat

Akira-class • NCC-62514 • Task Force 86

Upon his recall from the StarFleet Reserves, Commander Jonas Flanigan takes command of the USS Tomcat, an Akira class cruiser. His mission is to patrol in and around the Triangle to combat the piracy and crime that is rampant in the area.

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25 June 2024

Just a routine patrol

USS Tomcat: Just a Quick Spin Around the Block

Just a routine patrol. The Tomcat was out on routine patrol. Around the block and back. Not looking for anything particular and not expecting trouble. The mission was more about deterring hostile activity than stopping it.  The local elements had gotten used to the Tomcat’s presence and the [...]

23 March 2024

Setting the Stage

USS Tomcat: Just a Quick Spin Around the Block

Stardust City was too famous or infamous as it may be. Too many big players were known to be conducting business there. There were other, better suited locations for Revar to launch his enterprise. He had been under Smeezo’s thumb for too long. Revar earned his reputation as a broker through [...]

2 October 2023

Life Happens

USS Tomcat: Just a Quick Spin Around the Block

Life Happens and then you adjust. It had been just over a year since life had necessitated Jonas’s move to the Starfleet Reserves. Finally, the issue had been resolved and it was time to get back to active duty. Jonas expected that he would be assigned to a staff position somewhere, but [...]