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The Dirty Jobs of Starfleet. It's not pretty, it's not exciting, and it's not glamorous, but it needs doing, and Tiberious Rain is proud to be doing it. Should he be? Probably not. But then he would be breaking Tib's Laws #7 and 10. And that's something he won't do willingly.

USS Rubidoux (Archive)


The USS Rubidoux, named for a suburb of Riverside, part of the Greater Las Angeles area, which was then in turn named for Louis Rubidoux, an explorer of the mid west who born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1796. Rubidoux, the man was a French Canadian fur trapper who made frequent treks to California. He wasn’t the first to discover California or even one of it’s most renown explorers. So too does the ship named after his namesake mimic the life of the man. A California class utility ship, the USS Rubidoux is a dirty jobs ship. Conducting Second contacts, transporting supplies, or conducting long term surveys of already discovered regions. It’s a working ship. It won’t feature in news headlines, but the work it does is just as vital. Both namesake, and vessel alike carried honorable positions in history. And some day maybe they’ll figure out why the grav plating on deck 2 always peaks at 95% efficiency. These are her voyages.

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11 October 2023

Tibs Towing

USS Rubidoux: Mission 1: Shaking the dust off & patching up hurt

Captain’s Log We’ve finished calibrating the Rubidoux to conduct a warp tow of the infected Klingon vessel and we’ve charted a path that will take us through the most empty space possible and minimize exposure and risk as much as possible. My chief science officer and chief medical officer [...]

11 October 2023


USS Rubidoux: Mission 1: Shaking the dust off & patching up hurt

Captain’s Log: Supplemental We’ve managed to extract all of the crew of the afflicted ship only to find they are now succumbing to some kind metamorphosis. It doesn’t appear to be reversible. At this time we’re doing our best to keep them comfortable while whatever is happening runs it’s [...]

20 September 2023

Mitosis and Differentiation

USS Rubidoux: Mission 1: Shaking the dust off & patching up hurt

Chief Medical Officers log Supplemental The shuttle loads of patients have arrived and we’ve sorted them into our triage center built up in the main shuttle bay. I’ve run trauma centers before but this one is different. Most pathologies run a similar course. Incubation, prodromal stage, [...]

19 September 2023

The Middle Decks

USS Rubidoux: Mission 1: Shaking the dust off & patching up hurt

Lt. Daniel Rain ran through warp calculations mentally while he waited for the computer to finish its analysis on the particles he was studying. The equipment was sorely insufficient, and the lab was entirely too small. But he was alone and had his research. Thanks to distress beacon the ship was [...]