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Tiberius Rain

Human Male

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Tiberius Michael Rain



Tiberius is the Captain of the Cygnus, a Nebula class heavy cruiser posted along the Breen border. He is the eldest of children from his fathers side of his family having been born about 5 years before his twin siblings Kyle and Erin, though he shares a different mother than the twins, Lara Garrett (deceased).


Tiberius was named for his grand father, who served on an Ambassador class during their short run. Though his friends in grade school expected him to move on and become an artist, Tiberius wanted a life of meaning. He wanted to do something of worth and value. As soon as he was able to, he followed in his fathers foot steps and applied to the Academy.

When he was accepted he left for training immediately. He took to Academy life well, and his background in sports allowed him to excel as a natural and charismatic leader, able to see what his peers were good and weak at and direct them accordingly. The Academy also taught him several lessons that he calls “Tib’s Laws”.

Law #1 You will lose – it is a statistical probability.
Law #2 That’s ok – Losing is the cornerstone of learning.
Law #3 Lose with dignity – Don’t be angry. Learn from it.
Law #4 Apply what you learn – Losing is only ok if you take something away from it stop losing.
Law #5 Strive for Better – Only in beating your best, can we discover our truth
Law #6 Always make friends – You never know when you’ll need one
Law #7 You are a small piece of a large universe – Never let ego get in the way of the bigger picture
Law #8 Thank everyone – even your enemies. Everyone gives you something to learn, even unwillingly. Thank them for it. You might surprise them.
Law #9 Seek to understand – Knowing is not enough. In understanding you care.
Law #10 Share everything you learn with others – knowledge is like pollen, and spreading it fascinates growth for all.

These are just a few of Tib’s Laws. They’re more appropriately called lessons, but he feels like Law’s is a nice shorter version. Learning much of this allowed him to excel in the academy and develop himself into a man of learning, humility, and confidence. He struggled with sciences even though he enjoyed learning about them. History and military focused topics he did well with. Facts and people. Those were always things that interested him. He also did reasonably well with piloting. His first posting was as a security officer aboard a Galaxy class ship. It was large and comfortable and he spent a good deal of time exploring it’s interior and serving as a security officer for many details.

His next posting placed him on a smaller Steamrunner ship. Again in security. He also spent time shadowing someone who worked in tactical, learning the systems and how to work them. Eventually taking the Tactical department aptitude test and passing. His next posting saw him spending time aboard a Luna Class vessel in her tactical department. By now his unorthodox method of approaching a problem and thinking his way through it was serving him as he began to find he was posted to ships for jobs that didn’t quite suite the mission role of the ship. Like being assigned tactical to an exploration ship.

He found that bigger and more cumbersome vessels didn’t favor firefights as well as more agile and smaller craft, but he also discovered they had much more diverse bags of tricks to work with. And in spending time with many experts in Engineering and Sciences he soon began to develop a toolbag of his own full of unique tricks and solutions to problems plaguing larger and slower craft.

One of his personal favorites was when he was assigned as the XO to a Galaxy class ship. It was engaging a smaller lighter adversary and couldn’t slip around them out of their opponents more heavily armed front face to strike the targets aft shield grid which was buckling. He ordered the helm to burn the Impulse engines hard, then cut them at the same time he ordered Tactical to deploy a tractor beam. The Ship whipped around their target using its momentum and the enemy as a fixing point. The Ship then fired on the weakened aft shield grid, disabling the target and sparing the crew a lengthy and protracted fire fight.

Tiberius simply thanked Sir Issac Newton. While Tiberius isn’t a PHD physicist or anything, he has a healthy understanding of science, and understands better than most that not all problems are fixed by slinging only ammunition at them. In this way, he’s able to extract the maximum amount of possibilities from a crew and ship that may not be typically found handling said task, such as tackling a D’Deridex with a Nebula, rather than a Sovereign class. This has also made him something of a wildcard. He’s unpredictable and difficult on battlefields. Especially one where’s able to analyze and get to know his enemy. In doing so, he’s able to better read them and apply solutions to situations that place his opponents in unfavorable outcomes.

This approach is what Tiberius credits to his success. Learning from others. Applying what he’s learned. Sharing what he’s learned. And always being open to new ideas no matter how absurd. He hopes to instill this mantra into his crew.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2373 - 2375 Security U.S.S. Dauntless
2375 - 2379 Security U.S.S. Cavalier
2379 - 2383 Tactical U.S.S. Callisto
2383 - 2391 Chief Tactical Officer U.S.S. Callisto
Lieutenant Commander
2391 - 2399 Executive Officer U.S.S. Challenger
2399 - Present Commanding Officer U.S.S. Cygnus