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Profile Overview

Daniel Rain

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Daniel Rain


USS Rubidoux (Archive)


Daniel A. Rain




Danny is the youngest of his three brothers, and has the same basic facial structure but far younger looking. No laugh lines, no crows feet, no grey, he doesn’t even have a beard. His hair is typically longer because he’s so forgetful of it he tends not to notice until its too long. No scars or tattoos. He’s much leaner than this brothers being less physically active than they are. Usually found in a white labcoat over his uniform in a lab or in a holodeck testing theories.


Danny looks much like his other two brothers but very much younger. He has the same defined jaw like and chin, but it has a softer youthful touch. He’s got a leaner build than both his older brothers, but genetics still gifted him with a larger frame than normal. This typically makes him the sweetheart in any lab even though he’s absolutely oblivious to the looks. Danny also tends to leave his hair longer. Not out of any fashion sense, but largely due to his being so distracted and focused with his work that he can’t be bothered to keep it groomed well. This tends to give him a disheveled appearance. Some of the lab techs speculate this is intentional. The other half are aware he’s just that spacey.



Quiet and socially withdrawn, Danny isn’t much of a speaker, preferring instead to spend his time musing over his notes and conversing with holographic constructs as away of thinking out his theories and processes. While Daniel does have signs of non neurotypical thinking, most have encouraged him and worked with it, preventing him from turning into an absolute hermit. In his free time Daniel enjoys stargazing and reviewing constellation data from sensor sweeps. He knows he’s not starfleet’s ‘normal’ and he’s fine with that. He just enjoys the environment and being able to think beyond what’s established and dream up what could be. While others explore the physical, Daniel is an explorer of the microworld of particles.


Early Life (2369-2387)

Born the last of 3 sons and 2 daughters, Daniel A. Rain was always a little distracted in life. He had the look of someone who constantly daydreamed, but always excelled in his STEM courses. Science particularly interested him because enjoyed learning about the stars. When he turned 18 he followed in the footsteps of his two older brothers, his father, and grandfather before him, enlisting to Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy (2387-2390)

Academy life was difficult for Danny to adjust to at first. While he typically did well in the academic courses, his scores suffered in the physical aspects. He wasn’t an athlete the way his older brothers were. Still, a personal trainer helped him tighten up his scores enough to pass. Danny gravitated towards physics and astrophysics, but his true passion blossomed in particle physics. Some of his professors grew concerned that he wasn’t focusing or paying enough attention, however, most of that speculation wavered when a few instructors tried to confront him during an astronavigation and applied engineering course where Danny was able to solve problems faster than the computer had answers. Unfortunately, any ground he may have gained there was immediately lost in any course with the words “Tactical” or “Security” in the title. It is a testament to Daniels ability to make reliable and strong friendships that helped carry his weaknesses as he amplified their strengths.

Daystom & Early Career (2391-2399)

Danny’s career is not some story about a meteoric rise to greatness or a cavalier officer defying rules and saving the day. No Danny’s career instead pivoted to focus on the one place that brough him some joy and passion. Advanced particle physics. Danny daydreams up a drive system that non-evaporative decay of baryonic matter. But the project would take years before it was ready if ever. So Danny focused on grand unified theories of the high energy universe and topological defects where the fundamental forces exist in unity within these pockets of reality. As his research progressed he focused primarily on magnetic monopoles. Knowing that magnetic monopoles and superconducting cosmic strings have been theorized to catalyze proton decay. Typical proton decay is 10^36 in years. His overall theory revolved around artificially creating a TD field to instigate proton decay to harness the energy shed.

While developing his own work, he primarily spent most of his time assisting others with their projects and running the raw data and interpretation for them. Contributing to his own project when and as time allowed. While it was noted that he possessed a brilliant mind, some felt that he needed more time in space. Once his research hit a sufficient stopping point, he was transferred to the USS Rubidoux where he could assist serve sometime aboard a starship but exposed to minimal risk.

USS Rubidoux (2399-Present)

Once a position opened up on the Rubidoux, Starfleet Command felt that letting Tiberius keep a close eye on his littlest brother was a good bet. After all, Danny’s assignment was more of an administrative check box than anything else. This arrangement has largely gone without issue as the two brothers are in vastly different spheres. Daniel is mostly absorbed with his work in the labs and holodecks. Tiberius with running the ship. If not for his older brother occasionally coming by to check in on him, Daniel very well could serve his time out on the Rubidoux and never even notice his eldest brother. He also happens to know why the grav plates on deck two don’t run at full capacity but because he’s so introverted it’s never occurred to him to mention the cause to anyone else. He just assumes they all know and prefer it that way.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - 2391 Trainee Starfleet Academy
2391 - 2394 Junior Researcher and Masters student Daystrom Institute
2394 - 2399 Advanced particle physicist and PHD student Daystrom Institute
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - 2401 Science Officer Rubidoux