Profile Overview

Rusander Brennos

Barzan Male

Character Information


Executive Officer
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Nighthawk


Lieutenant Commander


Rusander Brennos




Commander Rusander Brennos is the executive officer and chief of security on the USS Nighthawk. A stern and seasoned officer, he has demonstrated himself trustworthy, reliable, and loyal, though not especially ambitious. As a security officer he has always prioritised the safety of his ship’s crew, and as XO continues to represent them and their interests to his commander. This has made him sometimes appear overly cautious, or even paranoid and more interested in hawkish priorities than Starfleet ideals, but those who know Brennos report otherwise. He is deeply committed to Starfleet’s principles, and so carefully chooses colleagues and superiors he can trust to uphold them, while he helps shepherd his crew safely through the difficulties of doing so in a sometimes-hostile universe.