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USS Nighthawk (Archive)

Fourth Fleet

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.’
– Emily Dickinson

The USS Nighthawk is a Reliant-class starship assigned to Endeavour Squadron. The squadron’s mission is to maintain stability on the Federation’s spinward Romulan borders, the hot-bed where the different Romulan factions come together, as well as the Federation’s allies in the Romulan Republic and Klingon Empire, and other volatile, unaffiliated groups. Under Commander Daniran Kosst, the Nightawk’s primary responsibility is to provide support and flexibility to the operations of the squadron’s larger or more tactically-capable ships, particularly the flagship Triumph or the powerful USS Endeavour. But she is also expected to resolve operations when other ships need to move on to more high-priority concerns, and consistently lingers in a region for days or weeks to conclude humanitarian support or finalise minor details in negotiations whose main principles have been settled. The work may not always be glamorous – but it can be the difference between finishing off a problem for good, or seeing it come back later.

Endeavour Squadron

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Sirius Expeditionary Squadron

Sirius Expeditionary Squadron, also known as Sirius Squadron, is a squadron centered around the Odyssey-class USS Sirius under the command of Commodore Matt Rourke, based out of Gateway Station in the Midgard Sector on the Federation’s Beta Quadrant frontier. The squadron serves two missions: the secondary mission of supporting the sector-wide responsibilities of the Gateway Station, and its primary mission as a rapid deployment force beyond Federation borders.

In its expeditionary capacity, Sirius Squadron stands ready to deploy outside of Federation territory at short notice to respond to emerging situations across the galaxy. With multiple versatile and powerful ships at its disposal, the squadron is capable of operating independently and without support for extended periods, and is flexible enough to face a range of missions, including under volatile circumstances where objectives and conditions can quickly change.

Outside of such deployments, the squadron maintains readiness in case of need, and supports Gateway Station’s operations. From its HQ, its ships pursue Starfleet’s mission to maintain regional stability through diplomatic and humanitarian operations and pursue avenues of scientific research and exploration into the former territories of the Old Romulan Star Empire. Since the escalation of tensions with the Klingon Empire and their interest in the territory of the fallen Star Empire, Sirius Squadron has been a cornerstone of protecting both the Federation border, and Starfleet’s allies in the Romulan Republic.

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7 June 2023

Falls the Shadow - 20

USS Nighthawk (Archive): Falls the Shadow

‘Warning. Hull integrity compromised. Chamber pressure low.’ That seemed important. But how could it be? How could it be more important than closing her eyes? ‘Warning –’ But the voice had dragged her from the seductive darkness, and now she was in the light. Dim and bloodstained [...]

11 May 2023

Falls the Shadow - 6

USS Nighthawk (Archive): Falls the Shadow

‘Good news,’ said Commander Kosst as she emerged from her ready room into the Nighthawk’s bridge. ‘I’ve had word from SB514…’ But her voice trailed off at the sight that greeted her. Lieutenant Tyrell Rhade was slumped in his seat at the bridge station he rarely assumed, head in his [...]

29 April 2023

Valley of Dying Stars - 7

USS Nighthawk: Valley of Dying Stars

Dani Kosst had not expected picking up one lone Fenris Ranger to summon the squadron’s leadership, but the moment Endeavour had heard the news, Captain Rourke had insisted on rushing to join the Nighthawk. They hadn’t spent much time together, but she’d not known what to make of the burly [...]

6 April 2023

Valley of Dying Stars - 4

USS Nighthawk: Valley of Dying Stars

She’d been captain of the Nighthawk for over six months now, and Dani Kosst still didn’t know where she should sit in her mess hall of a morning. Technically she had a captain’s dining room, but it made her feel shut off and claustrophobic if she didn’t invite anyone to join her. That took [...]