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Tyrell Rhade

Betazoid Man

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Rhade


Tyrell Rhade




March 25, 2401

Izar System


Lieutenant Rhade was the Chief Engineer of the USS Nighthawk. A capable officer, he spent most of his career as a ‘strong right hand’ rather than a leader in his own right, working as deputy or a team leader on some of the most advanced ships in the fleet. Only loyalty to his old Academy friend, Commander Kosst, brought him to run his own department. Rhade was nevertheless a little apprehensive in the face of this responsibility, but his reputation for being an unshakeable backstop was well earned. He was a smart engineer, and runs his engine room with good humour and a laid-back, easy, if not entirely disciplined manner.

Lieutenant Rhade was KIA in the Battle of Izar during the Lost Fleet Campaign.