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Profile Overview

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Lori Weaver

Human female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Weaver


USS Eagle


Lori Weaver


Xavi III


Lori Weaver is a Human woman serving on the USS Eagle as chief medical officer. She has degrees in surgery and emergency medicine.


Lori is 5′ 6″ tall and 120 pounds. She is fit and her build is toned. As a doctor, she believes she should set an example of being in good health and physical fitness. She’s age 30.


Lori is outgoing, confident, can be brash, and knows she has a true calling in life to help others. She is friendly and personable, enjoys the people around her, but every once in awhile, she needs her time alone. She enjoys good humor, but has a cynical side. Lori is a skilled doctor, willing to help anyone in need. She is intelligent and observant. Lori enjoys reading, studying history, sports, hiking, and camping.


Lori Weaver was born in 2370 on the colony world, Xavi III. It was settled mostly by Humans, but there were a mix of other Federation races. Lori’s father, George Weaver, is a professor at the college in the capital city. Her mother, Lisa, stayed home to care for Lori and her three older brothers, William, Kevin, and John. Being the youngest and the only girl, she learned to be tough and to stand up for herself. She was also a tomboy, but still maintained being girlish and feminine.

Beginning with the fourth generation born on Xavi III, something odd was happening. It was initially noticed with Betazoid children, but then also to other races. About ten percent of the children were born with a brain chemistry making them psi null. They could not be read by telepaths nor could empaths sense their emotions. They were similar to the four-lobed brains of Ferengi. It was discovered there was an element in the soil used to grow crops that caused the phenomenon. There were no other affects and nothing harmful developed. Lori was one of the children born that way.

Growing up, there was something inside Lori that said her place was among the stars. She was drawn to studying astronomy and galactic history. Her parents bought her a telescope and she would spend hours scanning the heavens. Lying on a blanket, staring at the sky or camping out, became joys.

Initially, Lori wanted to be a scientist, as she was highly intelligent, but that changed when she was fourteen. A group of children were playing in the woods. One of the boys fell out of a tree, breaking an arm and suffering a deep cut. Lori controlled the bleeding while someone ran for help. She was credited with saving his life. After that, her attention turned to medicine.

At eighteen, Lori passed the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. Leaving for Earth was both a happy and sad day, but a new adventure was beginning.

Lori’s first year in the academy was easy for her. Since she was from a colony world populated by many races, she already knew how to get along with people different from herself, as well as respecting cultural beliefs. Her experience was made better by her roommate, Julie Hilton, who was studying to be a nurse. Since Lori wasn’t from Earth, Julie was her friend and guide in learning about, enjoying, and experiencing humanity’s home world. Over their academy years, they became like sisters.

Graduating in 2392, Lori was assigned to the USS Mithrandir, while Julie was assigned to Starbase Bravo. The day they departed was both joyful and sad, and many tears were shed, but the great adventure was beginning. Over the years, the two have remained in contact.

On the Mithrandir, an Akira-class starship, Lori was assigned to the night shift. Most missions were patrol and exploration, but one day in particular seared a memory into Lori she would never forget. It was when she saw her first crewmate die in the line of duty.

A freighter had crashed onto a desolate planet after a pirate attack. Answering the distress call, Lori was part of the away team sent to rescue the survivors. They were attacked by pirates still pursuing the cargo and one of the security officers was mortally wounded by disruptor fire. Using all her skills, Lori was unable to save him. It hit her so hard, she needed several counseling sessions.

Over time, Lori reached the rank of full lieutenant and was given the chief medical officer position on the Raven-class ship, USS Sitacus. She was there only several months, participating in routine humanitarian operations to Romulan worlds. They were so routine, when she became aware there was an opening for CMO on the Eagle, she submitted her name for consideration.