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Renee Parker

Human female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Parker


USS Eagle


Renee Parker


Alaska, Earth


Renee Parker is a Human female, 5′ 6″ tall and 120 pounds, with brown hair and eyes.


Renee is a whirlwind personality.  While on the job as a registered nurse, she is the consummate professional, a caring advocate for her patients.  Off duty, she is friendly, outgoing, amiable, but direct and sometimes blunt.  She has a dry sense of humor and loves puns.  She enjoys outdoor activities in the cold, camping, dancing, roller skating, poetry, and telling stories.


Renee was born in Alaska on Earth in 2380, the youngest of three children.  Her brother Ryan is five years older, her sister Rachel, two years older.  Both are married and still living on Earth.

Living a life on a planet wasn’t for Renee, as her eye was always to the stars.  Her mother Diane worked in nursing, so Renee had a natural curiosity and interest in following that path.  Combining both directions, Renee applied to Starfleet Medical and was accepted at age seventeen.

When Renee was little, she loved her big brother to the point of always wanting to play with him or do the things he did.  This was fine until Ryan got older.  He and his friends didn’t want baby sister tagging along.  Renee didn’t understand and one sad day she was in tears after one of the boys rudely told her to get lost.  Ryan defended her, but later they had a long talk.  She was still included in some activities, but also had to give Ryan time with his friends.

Renee’s first kiss came when she was fourteen.  Her father had arranged a weekend camping trip for kids in the town.  Despite keeping an eye on his daughter, as well as other dads chaperoning, Renee and a boy snuck off alone.  The kiss fluttered her stomach and filled her with visions of love and romance.  When some of the other kids came along, there was some teasing.  Embarrassed, Renee took things in stride, focusing more on her studies.

Because of her high test scores, Renee started the Academy at seventeen.  Her first year was a huge adjustment, as she went from living in a small town and open spaces, to a major city.  She didn’t like the limited space, which led to a few arguments about privacy and a bit of claustrophobia.  The greater number of people and ambient city noises bothered her to the point that she considered leaving and going back home.  Time, friends, and a few counseling sessions got her through it.

After graduation, duty assignments were given.  The day everyone left was both happy and sad.  It completed an amazing four years, but it was the beginning of their adventures.  Renee was posted to the USS Eagle.