Rhode Island-class • NCC-82715 • Task Force 93

Content on this command is rated at 222 on the RPG Ratings Scale, per the Bravo Fleet Content Policy.

Swearing is permitted, with some limitations.

Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations.

Violence is permitted, with some limitations.

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18 May 2024

Another World

USS Eagle: Serving in Starfleet

Carefully studying the surroundings, Hok couldn’t shake the nagging flutter in the pit of his stomach.  Glun was known for allowing his bar to be used as neutral ground to conduct business best left out of the public eye, for a price, but he was a Ferengi after all.  A lucrative payoff [...]

9 March 2024

Heading Home

USS Eagle: Mission 7 - Wedding Bells

Ready Room “It was good work getting it done under such difficult circumstances, Matt.  I look forward to reading your full report.” “It was a team effort, sir,” said Kirby. “Nonetheless, good job.  A lot of eyes were on this one.”  The Admiral nodded and the channel [...]

8 March 2024

Problem Solved

USS Eagle: Mission 7 - Wedding Bells

Equamar “Captain Kirby, how dare you accuse my daughter of trying to kill my son!” shouted King Limmar. King Randus had read the riot act, so it was Limmar’s turn.  Kirby had about all he could take of this mess and was about to say so, when he felt a quick tap on his hip from Lieutenant [...]

5 March 2024

Another Option

USS Eagle: Mission 7 - Wedding Bells

USS Eagle, Bridge While Captain Kirby was speaking with the Prince and Princess, Haia Ohtani was studying the laws, traditions, and customs of Equamar and Canbolla.  If there was a way to bring about a wedding, she purposed to find it. Something caught her eye. “Commander, I believe I found [...]