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28 May 2023

The Talk

USS Eagle: Intelligence Acquisitions

Three scans later, Roger set the tricorder on the coffee table.  “The room is clean.” “Three scans?” said Lori. “Like you said, we don’t take chances, especially now that we’ve talked with Klunt.” There was an awkward silence as the two stared at each other. “Sit, [...]

28 May 2023

And So it Begins

USS Eagle: Intelligence Acquisitions

“Greetings, Captain Kirby.  It isn’t everyday we’re visited by Starfleet.  What can I do for you?” said Klunt. “I’d like to meet with you privately to discuss something,” said Kirby. “This is a secure channel and my time is valuable.  We can talk now,” said [...]

27 May 2023

Ramping it Up

USS Eagle: Intelligence Acquisitions

Bunnicorn’s Foot, Daimon Klunt’s Office Roger and Lori sat quietly, waiting for Daimon Klunt to finish reading something from his computer.  Roger studied the man, though there wasn’t really anything he could discern yet.  Eyeballing the room, he couldn’t see any cameras or other [...]

26 May 2023

It's Getting Serious Now

USS Eagle: Intelligence Acquisitions

Bunnicorn’s Foot “It was my last turn and I barely made any latinum, so I decided to go for it all,” said Ted. “I couldn’t believe he did that,” giggled Erica. “I rolled a 57!  Doubled my money.”  Ted smiled. “Congratulations,” said Roger. “Did you guys hear about [...]