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One of the first Norway-class vessels commissioned by Starfleet Command, the USS Asger has seen it’s fair share of action. Time has not been gentle to the vessel and through a string of poor strokes of luck, she’s become a bit of an Albatross. One after another, more and more officers and enlisted on their final strike with Starfleet were assigned to her once elite decks. Over time, the assignments changed, the refit schedule lengthened, and before long an assignment to the USS Asger marked the end of an unfortunate career.

Now, a young Commander who’s had his reputation unfairly tarnished, has been assigned as the CO of a ship that’s lost all hope, and he has to fight to bring his rag-tag crew together and prove that he – and the rest of them – are the best damn crew in Starfleet.


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Commanding Officer
ID: 1849
Executive Officer &
Chief Science Officer
ID: 35
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 2121
Chief Security Officer
ID: 2302
Chief Flight Control Officer
ID: 2309
Chief Operations Officer
ID: 1235

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14 December 2021

First Steps - Asger XO

USS Asger: The Old Man

USS Asger Deck 2 – Crew Quarters Room 1125 For anyone living on a Starbase or Starship, standard living quarters tend to look similar, thus the word ‘standard.’  It falls to the individual to decorate and give their accommodations its own unique look and feel. A sense of home of sorts. [...]

4 December 2021

Fleecing the Fleas

USS Asger: The Old Man

Person Log – Ensign Edward Clark – Chief Helm Officer –USS Asger I have reported to my new duty assignment. While I should be spending the first day programing the replicator with my my favorite stews and sandwiches, I instead have to find a way to keep my skin from itching every [...]

19 November 2021

Icarus Effect

USS Asger: The Old Man

Mid-afternoon at Starbase 260 June 13, 2399 Ensign Clark was still stinging from the trial. He was told he would receive new orders soon and he was to remain at the starbase until then. He brooded for the first day as he and R’Tor drank a bit more synthehol then they should have.  R’Tor bid [...]

26 October 2021

Sickbay Introductions

USS Asger: The Old Man

After an interesting meeting with the Captain, Abigail sat at her science station on the bridge. Her first day made it clear that there were already some serious problems with how the ship operated, and she was compiling a list of priorities for her to take care of over the next few days. The first [...]