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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Sovereign: Race Against Time

Sovereign is in a rush to get to a colony in the Gardin Belt region to stop an Orion Syndicate from enslaving the population to mine this new dilithium. Can she get there in time?

Mission Description

After the Sovereign crossed through the Barzan Wormhole with the rest of the fleet, she was tasked to head deeper into the Gardin Belt region. As she was en route, the crew received word from a merchant ship that an Orion Syndicate group was going around enslaving populations and forcing them to mine this new dilithium with little regard to safety or health. People have already died to this group’s greed. The merchant ship gave the Sovereign a location of where the Orions will be next and how long they will be there. The Sovereign kicks it up to warp nine, which will take her four days to reach the system. The only problem is, on the way there, they come across a Hirogen Pack that happens to find the Sovereign to be worthy prey and later on, a Devore Battlecruiser that is practically identical in strength to the Sovereign has demanded that the Sovereign came to a halt for an immediate inspection. Can the crew of the Sovereign reach the colony in time to eliminate the Orion threat to the Gardin Belt? Or would she succumb to being prey to the Hirogen? Or would she wind up impounded by the Devore? Tune in!

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22 February 2023

M1-Campaign Ch4: Fending off the Wolf Pack

USS Sovereign: Race Against Time

Zane pursed his lips as had been looking over multiple holo-projected displays before him to keep an eye on the incoming enemy fire and it had been quite taxing. A couple of the displays were views of the rear where the enemy ships were, to keep an eye on the port-aft and starboard-aft sections of [...]

3 November 2022

M1-Campaign Ch3: From the eyes of the enemy...

USS Sovereign: Race Against Time

With his fingernail, he dug between some of his teeth, to pick away the remaining pieces of meat that got stuck between them. It was a slight annoyance when you enjoy a good meal after a long trek across these sectors, and as you run your tongue over the backs of your teeth, you find debris and [...]

3 November 2022

M1-Campaign Ch2: Tip from the locals

USS Sovereign: Race Against Time

Just before crossing through the Barzan Wormhole. To recap from the eyes and thoughts of Captain Maxwell. Just several hours ago, Maxwell had boarded the Sovereign, and relieved former Captain Vakai, former Lieutenant Commander Sivol, and Lieutenant Commander Sucil of their positions. He has no [...]

1 November 2022

M1-Campaign Ch1: Race Against Time

USS Sovereign: Race Against Time

Opening Post to Sovereign’s Campaign Mission – Race Against Time Act 1 Sovereign was among many vessels of the Fourth Fleet, all that waited patiently for the Barzan Wormhole to open. There were other vessels of Task Force 93 that held stationary near the Sovereign but one of the more prominent [...]