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Profile Overview

Henry Maxwell

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Maxwell


Commanding Officer
Starbase 415


Henry Edward Maxwell



Captain Henry Maxwell resides at Starbase 415 in the Nereus System as the Commanding Officer, assisting in coordination of Diplomatic Efforts as well as monitoring patrol reports along the border and making suggestions along the way. He is also in command of the USS Gemini while it is attached to the Starbase as a support vessel. He strongly dislikes dishonesty, people who nag and are impatient, and broccoli. He does however enjoy Piloting, Competitions and Taco Pizza or Taco Salad!


Henry Edward Maxwell was born in St. Paul, Minnesota to a Robert Maxwell and Julia Maxwell, being the fourth child in the family along with Daniel Maxwell being his older brother, James Maxwell his second oldest brother, and Rachel Maxwell being his sister, third oldest. So yes he was the youngest in the family, but he would not be for long. At the date of February 18th, 2350 of his birth, Daniel Maxwell would be six years old, James being five and Rachel being three.

The family was quite competitive at this point, they were very much active in sports and when Henry reached the age of six, they were all doing a bunch of racing out in their large back yard that was essentially a dirt circuit at their main home in Ham Lake, Minnesota. Henry would race his brothers and sister on ATVs and dirt bikes around the circuit almost every day. One day, Henry managed to figure out a trick to get past his siblings and finally win a race for once. But if there was a day that they were not racing, they were out tubing with their father who drove the boat on Ham Lake or bigger lake the Coon Lake; and they would compete to see who can stay on the longest. Though when winter came, they switched it up to snowmobiles.

On August 22nd, 2357, Sarah Maxwell was born at the same hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. This made it where Henry was no longer the youngest sibling. Even though at seven years old, he felt some importance to help his young sister be prepared to deal with the older siblings, so he helped out his mother and father any way he could with his sister Sarah. The thing he did notice though, was that nearly every sibling, including himself, hated broccoli. Except for Sarah. She was the only one who loved it and that was the one thing they teased her for, for fun of course.

Over time as he grew up, Henry began to realize how much he really disliked dishonest people along with people who nag a lot. It just bothered him so much that he nearly got into a fight with some kids at school for someone lying to their teacher about something. But what he has found himself enjoying a lot, is operating a vehicle, such as the ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Snowmobiles and even Jet Skis. He was also becoming quite good at playing the Target Range where they took a civilian hand phaser and used it at the range, essentially getting the highest score amongst his siblings.

Now it wasn’t just the whole Phaser Range that got Henry into thinking of joining Starfleet Academy, it was the fact that after his older siblings graduated, they immediately went and joined Starfleet Academy. Daniel graduated from High School on July 8th, 2362 and joined Starfleet Academy immediately after. James did the very same on July 8th, 2363 and Rachel on July 8th, 2365. Then by the time Henry graduated from High School and joined Starfleet Academy on July 8th 2368, his brother Daniel was already a Lieutenant on board the Essex and James was an Ensign assigned to the Vermont.

(Starfleet Academy 2368 – 2372)

Much of Henry’s Academic years was not at all eventful for him. He was simply a Grade A Student, top of his class, much like his siblings, and overall one of the Academy’s best among many. The one thing that is notable is how focused Henry became when the news of a fully stable wormhole was announced in the Bajoran Sector and how Deep Space Nine was put on the map because of it. He watched ever so closely to it, knowing fully well that Starfleet will have to become more active in that area, because the increased trade and commerce also meant increase pirating and thievery. But then the news about the Dominion really got his attention and it was something he kept a very close eye on, as well as everyone else did.

When they heard about the losses of the Bajoran and Federation colonies and ships in the Gamma Quadrant were annihilated by the Dominion’s military force called the Jem’Hadar, they took the time to mourn the losses in silence before discussions about a possible war started all over the Academy. But then they heard about the loss of the Odyssey and how the Jem’Hadar took it out. That was when Henry knew, that war was no longer an ‘if’ but a ‘when’.

With one year away from graduating, the news about the loss of the Enterprise was devastating but that was remedied when they heard that not all hands were lost. Of course Henry knew that a new Enterprise will come, it always has, when is the question and an answer he won’t get right away for a Cadet.

Moments after Henry received his orders after graduating from the Academy, he heard the news of the Antwerp Conference being bombed and witnessed the tightened Security on Earth, as well Martial Law being declared, which luckily did not last for very long. He does not know of the events of what happened or why Martial Law was declared only to be removed soon after, but all that mattered was that in matter of days, Earth was starting to return to normal. Least so he hoped as he had left Earth for his first assignment as an Ensign.

(USS Sovereign 2372 – 2399)

Henry’s first and only assignment was on board the very first of its class, the USS Sovereign. Even though she was launched three years before his graduation, and had undergone its shakedown cruise, the fact remained, he got the honor to be one of the pilots of this magnificent piece of Starfleet Engineering. Unfortunately in the very early years, the Sovereign did not see too much action during the Dominion War, but when she did, she proved to the Dominion that she bites and bites hard.

When Henry first came on board the Sovereign, he did the one thing that a very few people would do, he volunteered to be on the graveyard shift as not every really enjoys it, they just wait to be assigned to it. Not for Henry, he not only wanted to get it out of the way but he felt that being initiative and showing his eagerness to work would help put him in a good standing with the Senior Staff. So the first few years he has operated the Helm Station during Gamma shift but as the Sovereign became more involved in the Dominion War, Henry found himself doing double shifts. Piloting during Gamma shift and also volunteering for away team missions when numbers were needed.

When the Dominion War ended, Henry was both relieved but also concerned on the state of Starfleet with the number of losses that they’ve taken. Nevertheless, it was not his responsibility but he sure would hate to be any of the Admirals who have to figure it out. The only thing he needed to really focus on, was being promoted to a Junior Lieutenant and assigned as the Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, which allowed him to shift change to Beta Shift.

With the war over, the Sovereign was resupplied and reequipped with what it needed to perform Diplomatic and later Exploration missions. For the next four years, the Sovereign went to various Federation Worlds to ensure that Starfleet was still around and will continue to protect and serve, as well as continue their primary goal, Exploration of the Galaxy. Henry himself got to participate in many away missions, visiting cities of these worlds, meeting new and interesting people. This is what Henry signed up for. Even though they were not out there meeting new civilizations at this moment, he still got to see some races that he has learned about at the Academy but never thought he’d get the chance to meet in person.

When 2379 came to be, the Sovereign returned to her birthing place for a scheduled refit of the majority of her systems, including some upgrades that were already placed on the Enterprise. Instead of taking the shore leave he had been given by his Captain, he remained on board the Sovereign and assisted in every possibly way that he can with the refit, including his expertise at the helm, to try to give the Engineering Corps an idea of what sort of changes they should make to make it so the commands from the helm were transitioned more smoothly and from there, incorporate those adjustments to other systems so the response times in commands and execution were improved. When the refit was complete, the Sovereign was also resupplied with what she needed to conduct her first five year voyage of exploration, and thus departed towards unexplored space that she were assigned to. Of course the Captain learned of Henry’s dedication, despite the disappointment in not taking the shore leave as it was given, but also because his current Chief Flight Control Officer was being promoted and reassigned elsewhere, the Captain chose to promote Henry to the full rank of Lieutenant and rise him up to the Chief position.

During the Five Year Mission, Henry got to see much beauty that the galaxy had to offer. Various anomalies that they have cataloged for scientific vessels had a pleasing view, many of which made him love his career more and more. Meeting new races was another pro to being in Starfleet, getting to participate in First Contact of some of them were the highlights of his life. The Kranac were one of the most interesting ones he’s met. As much like the others of First Contact that he had participated, being warp capable of course, the Kranac never drink in public. Apparently drinking anything in public is taboo, like some sort of vulgar gesture that Henry believe. All he knew was that, when one of the officers drank some water in public, there was quite a ruckus over it. First the officer was arrested, then they had to go through some trial and Henry volunteered to be the one to speak on their behalf and it took half a day in convincing the Kranac that the officer meant nothing by it when they wanted to simply hydrate themselves, and had zero intentions of breaking the law. He did admit to them that it was their fault for not asking for their laws right away but it is something that Henry promised that they will never break their laws ever again. Once the Kranac were convinced, and forgiving for their error for not reading their laws first, the officer was released and the Captain promised them a proper diplomatic envoy will be sent from the Federation to discuss possible membership. This was the day that Henry was approached by the Captain who was impressed with his skills in convincing the Kranac of the unfortunate mistake that happened, the Captain felt it was time that Henry began the process of having his own Command by making Henry the Second Officer and promoted him to Lieutenant Commander.

After their first Five Year Mission, the Sovereign returned to the nearest Starbase for resupply and a well deserved shore leave for the whole crew. But during that time, the Senior Staff learned of rising tensions between the Federation and the Romulan Empire. It wasn’t long when the Senior Staff, among others from other starships, were called in for an emergency meeting, explaining that the Romulus Star is going to go supernova, which Starfleet’s best researchers are trying to figure out why. The emergency meeting was simply to inform and have the Senior Staff to be prepared for the call to action. Henry learned everything he could about their neighbors at the Academy, and he felt a sting of pain that the Romulans were going to lose their home system to a supernova that shouldn’t be happening. But this galaxy has once again proven that it can be quite unpredictable and treacherous. Whatever the reason that the Romulus Star is going to go supernova, he hoped to find out some day in his lifetime. When the crew of the Sovereign returned from their shore leave, the Sovereign was placed on standby at a Starbase Ten near the Romulan Neutral Zone, mainly to be prepared to make a beeline to Romulus once the operation is approved, to rescue as many Romulan citizens as possible. The moment that Starfleet was given the greenlight by the Romulan Star Empire to assist resettling their citizens from Romulus, the Sovereign immediately departed from Starbase Ten, among other vessels and followed orders and instructions to the letter. They wanted to make sure that the transition is smooth and that the citizens get plenty of food, shelter and tools needed to any worlds along the neutral zone that would allow them to become self sustaining. The Sovereign did this for several months, as the crew and citizens of Romulus watched the old neutral zone that has been there for over two hundred and twenty years begin to collapse. Of course the crew of the Sovereign and the citizens of Romulus knew that the resettlement on these worlds was suppose to be temporary, had no idea how quickly that would change.

When the Sovereign was on route towards Romulus for yet another run, a time where they’ve stopped counting, the Captain called the Senior Staff into an emergency meeting, where Henry learned that the Synthetics at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards had attacked, destroyed the yards, the rescue armada along with them and set the Martian atmosphere ablaze. Most of the crew on the Sovereign were born on Mars and had families there, including two of the Senior Staff. The First Officer and the Chief Engineering Officer. The Captain also informed that Starfleet has ordered to postpone evacuation until the Federation Council completes its emergency meeting, and thus ordered Henry to turn the ship around, in which Henry protested loudly. Most of the Senior Staff was on his side but the First Officer and Chief Engineer two that were definitely not and tensions rose very quickly in the Briefing Room. This took the Captain several shouts to calm everyone down and explained that he understood what everyone is saying. He even told Henry, and those who supported him, and those who didn’t, that he wanted to continue helping the Romulans as well but orders are orders and they had crew who needed to know, if they do not know already, about what happened to Mars and need the chance to mourn. The Captain told everyone he would not make a record of how heated it got in the Briefing Room but he did request that everyone apologized and to understand, losing loved ones is not easy but wanting to continue to serve and honor Starfleet values and keep helping innocent people who are begging for help, is not easy to give up either. With apologies made, and people forgiven, Henry obeyed his orders and turned the Sovereign around, back to Starbase Ten for new instructions.

When the Sovereign returned and docked at Starbase Ten, most of the crew that were born on Mars and had families there, were given Extended Leave of Absence to do what they must to mourn their loss in their own way. But the Captain does not believe most of them will return, at least not to his ship. Henry spent his time at the bar at Starbase Ten on his off hours, listening to the reports when they came in or reading them when the Holo-Feed was turned off by the owner of the bar, which happened a lot per request by those who wanted to drink away their sorrows. Henry learned of the Detapa Council losing power and the Cardassian struggle for control between the Council and Military Central Command, this of which made him shake his head in disappointment. When the supernova finally happened, Henry was mourned for the lives that were lost, the lives that they could not save because they were forced to stop rescuing them, and he also mourned for the loss of Ambassador Spock. He never got the chance to meet the man, but he had hoped that he would in his lifetime. Now…he never will. As the Sovereign was getting some new crew for those who did not return, Henry learned of the Romulan Star Empire splitting into three smaller factions. He was not at all surprised that the Romulan Star Empire remained, but he was curious about the Romulan Free State and the Romulan Republic. Nevertheless, he had to return to his duties when the Sovereign was given a task to patrol the border between Federation Space and the three Romulan powers. But when the First Officer did not return, this gave the Captain no choice but to look to Henry and make the man the new First Officer, as well as being promoted to the rank of Commander.

Henry was happy and honored to be the new First Officer of the Sovereign, but he felt a little tinge of pain that he may never touch the helm station ever again, unless absolutely necessary. Or he could throw his rank around but he won’t abuse it like that. Nevertheless, the remainder of his years on board the Sovereign were glorious years for him. The Sovereign could have transported delegates and ambassadors for negotiations and peace treaty signings between the Federation and the Romulan Republic. The Sovereign could have participated in the battle against the Sovereignty of Kahless, even against the House of Mo’kai. Some records could have been classified, some may be scattered.

Either way, near the end of 2399, the Sovereign docked at a drydock suited for it at the Devron Fleet Yards for its third refit. But as it were, Henry not only learned that the Captain he had been serving under for so many years was retiring, but most of the crew were being reassigned elsewhere. Apparently the Sovereign‘s refit will take some time. But Henry also learned that he has been given a new position. Commander Henry Maxwell is now the Executive Officer of Task Force Ninety-Three in the Fourth Fleet. Henry will be wherever he is needed, depending on the situation that the Task Force or the entirety of the Fourth Fleet is dealing with. One thing is for certain…Henry of course learned that the Romulan Free State is being maintained, if not manipulated, by the Tal’Shiar at some point once the information was available, but he also learned that it was the Tal’Shiar were responsible for the Mars Attack and for essentially ending thousands of lives of their own people on Romulus by destroying the rescue armada that the Federation were getting ready to send and save those lives. For this, Henry may forever see the Romulan Free State as an enemy, but he will follow his orders. What he is pleased about, is being able to contribute towards the Humanitarian Aid towards the border worlds, especially those that were meant to be temporary but became permanent for those citizens he had helped resettle. Nevertheless, Henry will be ready for the call.


Captain Henry Maxwell is currently on board the Devron Unity Starbase in his Office or in Operations as the Task Force Executive Officer of Ninety-Three in the Fourth Fleet. But if a situation were to rise, say a Campaign or a Fleet Action, he may end up on board the Task Force Flagship, the Verity, likely with the Task Force Commanding Officer, Captain Gar’rath. After several months as Task Force Executive Officer, Captain Gar’rath resigned from his position for personal reasons, because of this, Captain Henry Maxwell became the new Task Force Commanding Officer.

After five months as the Task Force Commanding Officer with no Executive Officer, the stress and duties of the position had taken their toll and Captain Henry Maxwell had chosen to resign from the position and return to the one place he excelled at. Captain Vakai of the Sovereign had chosen to resign his commission and join the Romulan Republic Naval Command as a Senior Intelligence Officer. Due to circumstances, Commander James Ryker was not eligible to take command, so Captain Henry Maxwell was given command of the Sovereign.

As of 2400, October 20th, Captain Henry Maxwell is the Commanding Officer of the Sovereign. After a series of events over a few months, Maxwell took personal leave time away from Starfleet, visiting various worlds like Risa, Vulcan and other resorts or spiritual retreats. During the Frontier Day incident, Maxwell was on Risa when it occurred and was unsuccessful in his attempts to leave the planet to assist, and was forced to watch the horror until the Enterprise saved the day once again. As soon as Maxwell returned to Starbase 84, he was ordered to take the Gemini and investigate the situation on Starbase 415, as no one has been able to get in contact with them since the incident.

Upon arrival at Starbase 415 and after he had gathered all the information he needed and reported back, with the information of Captain Gerald Hunt being medically incapacitated and will likely be retired, Maxwell was assigned as the new Commanding Officer of Starbase 415 as of 2401, May 1st.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2368 - 2372 Flight Control/Command Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2372 - 2375 Flight Control Officer USS Sovereign
2375 - 2379 Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer USS Sovereign
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2379 - 2383 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Sovereign
2383 - 2388 Chief Flight Control Officer/Second Officer USS Sovereign
Lieutenant Commander
2388 - 2399 Executive Officer USS Sovereign
2399 - 2400 Executive Officer Task Force 93
2400 Commanding Officer Task Force 93
2400 Commanding Officer USS Sovereign
2401 - Present Commanding Officer Starbase 415