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USS Douglas

Constitution III-class • NCC-91685 • Task Force 72

“Exploration is wired into our brains. If we can see the horizon, we want to know what’s beyond.”

– Buzz Aldrin

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Dragonfly Emissary Division

The Dragonfly Emissary Division is a powerful component of Task Force 72: Diplomatic Operations. It operates under the command of Captain Wren Walton, Starfleet. Captain Walton commands the division from her flagship, the USS Dragonfly (NCC-83008), an Obena-class Emissary Explorer.
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23 July 2024

LOST 020 – The Escape Doors

USS Douglas: Mission 2 - LOST

“Adjusting for developing turbulence!”  Lieutenant William Prentice sat at the helm, restrained by his safety belt, as the Douglas shook from the bumps scattered throughout Underspace.  His focus and attention were on the space ahead and around them while updated science data streamed [...]

22 July 2024

LOST 019 – Reunited to Run

USS Douglas: Mission 2 - LOST

The Douglas raced towards the aperture that had dumped them here and towards a reunion with the Delta Quadrant.  The aperture back to New Bajor was collapsing under the weight of the Cardassian’s activity, and Fowler had been distressed to report that there was no way they were getting [...]

20 July 2024

LOST 018 – Time to Run

USS Douglas: Mission 2 - LOST

“They didn’t look like our kind of ships because they don’t.” Lieutenant Elizabeth McKee stood on the deck of the main ship of Captain Parsons, “They’ve modified it so much with alloys and tech from this end of the Gamma Quadrant – it doesn’t resemble a Federation trade ship [...]

19 July 2024

LOST 017 – Found and Lost

USS Douglas: Mission 2 - LOST

“Starting scans now.”  Lieutenant Sadie Fowler spoke from her station.  The Douglas had just arrived at the second aperture.  They’d found the first aperture was a false positive, and the disappointment had been resting just under the surface of the crew for the last week. [...]