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Profile Overview

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Milton Ford

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Ford


Chief Counselor
USS Douglas




Milton Richard Ford


New York City, New York


Milton is in the third reinvention of his career life.


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Early Life (2341-2359)

Starfleet Academy (2359-2363)

Starfleet (2363-Present)

Milton began his career as an operations officer aboard various ships from 2363 to 2365, eventually becoming Chief Operations Officer on the USS Olympic.

He served on the USS Olympic as Chief of Operations from January to June 2365.  He decided that Operations wasn’t his focus.  He shifted to security and was assigned to several ships from 2365 to 2370, eventually becoming Chief of Security onboard the USS Colorado River, a Nebula class vessel.  He served in that role until he was pressed into tactical at the outbreak of the Dominion War.  He worked in both roles until the war ended in 2375.  He became a junior instructor at Starfleet Academy from 2375-2385, teaching about his experiences and tactics in the Dominion War.

He decided to return to service in the fleet and returned to the security and tactical role aboard several ships from 2385-2395.  He refused promotions, eventually accepting a promotion to Lieutenant in 2395.  He discovered a late-life passion for counseling and returned to Starfleet Academy from 2395-2397, where he earned his counseling license.  He was assigned to the USS Lionheart Mountain, an aging Excelsior ship from 2397-2401.  She was retired for conversion to an Excelsior II class, and Milton was transferred to the USS Olympic as Chief Counseling Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

USS Douglas (9.15.2401-Present)

In a surprise reassignment, Dread and her crew are assigned to the Constitution III USS Douglas. Ford transfers as Chief Counselor.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
9.2401 - Present USS Douglas Chief Counselor
Lieutenant Commander
2401 Chief Counselor USS Olympic
Lieutenant Commander