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Henry Wyatt

El Aurian Male

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Chief Petty Officer Wyatt


USS Mackenzie


Henry James Wyatt


El-Aurian homeworld


An El-Aurian, Henry is 600 years old as of 2400.  He has seen the galaxy change and the worlds with it.  A thoughtful man, he is given to observation more than he is to action.  He’s outlived wives, children, and more.  His goal now is to continue watching and observing the galaxy’s history play out.


Older, mustached.  Regal holds himself well and is attentive to his appearance.

Created using Midjourney
Created using Midjourney


Curious, thoughtful, and slow to conclusions.


Early Life (1800-1900)

Henry Robert Wyatt was born to parents his parents with the name Marcum Loval.  He grew up on the El-Aurian homeworld from 1800 to 1900, when he joined a small research mission and ended up near Earth in December 1912.  The three-person crew visited earth for their research, but when they went to leave, Marcum was nowhere to be found.  They searched for him but were unable to locate him.  They departed, leaving Marcum Loval on Earth in London, England.  Marcum had discovered he really took to Earth and had decided to stay.  He found a name of a man who had died on the Titanic in April, and Henry Robert Wyatt was born.

London, England (1912-1950

Wyatt goes to work on the docks with the name of George Harris.  He works to keep a low profile and worked the docks for thirty years.  WWII arrives, and he serves on the home guard.  He meets a woman, Jessica Talbot, and they start dating.  She was killed in 1943 during an attack on London. World War II ended in 1946, and he boards a steamer for New York in 1950.

New York City, NY(1950-2002)

His name changed here to Harry Masters.  He built a resume to match a job at the Port Authority.  He took on an assistant dockmaster with the New York Port Authority.  He served with distinction and was promoted several times over his years of service until he is assigned to the role of Chief of Staff to the Executive Director in 2000.  He experienced September 11th, 2001. A year later, he resigned from his position, and Henry Masters vanished.

Portland, OR (2005-2030)

Peter Lowenstein appeared in Portland, OR, and became a newspaper reporter.  He works various beats over the next twenty-five years, covering various parts of the city.  Peter Lowenstein died in 2031 in a fiery car crash.

Orlando, FL (2040-2080)

Harrison Renat appeared in Orlando, FL, in January of 2040 and enrolled in a local university with a major in engineering and a minor in space exploration.  He graduated four years later and began work with NASA.  While working for NASA in 2046, Harrison earned his masters in Electrical Engineering with a Mechanical Engineering focus and completed his studies in 2048.  He goes for a Doctorate in Engineering in 2050 and is conferred with the title Dr. Renat in 2056.  He continued to work with NASA through 2080.  He resigned in December of 2080 and vanished from records.

The Unknown Period (2081-2130)

There is no record of Henry Wyatt during this time. He rarely spoke about it and refused to reveal the events that occurred during this time.  49 years.

Starfleet Part 1 (2131-2161)

Jason Prouty appeared in April 2131 with a background in mechanical, electrical, and theoretical propulsion.  He applied for several positions with the burgeoning Starfleet and was assigned to a low-level program manager role.  He was promoted several times and served as Deputy Chief of Engineering Operations from 2145 to 2155.  He is transferred to Starship Research and Development and works with the teams designing the future of Starfleet.  He retired in 2161 when the United Federation of Planets was founded.  Jason Prouty is listed as a passenger on a transport ship to a colony, and his name is lost to history.

Unknown Travels (2161-2279)

Henry Wyatt did not speak of this time during his various interviews with Starfleet.  It is unknown where he traveled, what he did, or who he interacted with during this time.  115 years.

Starfleet Part 2 (2279-2290)

Henry Wyatt’s name appeared here as he enlisted as a Petty Officer in Starfleet.  He is assigned to several starships during this time, including the USS Enterprise and the USS Enterprise-A, for a brief period.  Henry is assigned to the USS Mason, a science and research ship, as their quartermaster.  He serves from 2285-2290.  The crew discovered his El-Aurian truth and began to run tests. The Chief Medical Officer is desperate to get off the ship and plots to take Wyatt to Starfleet for study.  Before he can do that, Wyatt figures out his plan and overpowers him, fleeing in a shuttle.  The CMO lies about Wyatt’s reasons for attacking him and suggests the Petty Officer was going to murder him.  The captain of the Mason orders the ship to fire on Wyatt’s shuttle.  The crew watched as the shuttle explodes as it attempted to go to warp.  The file on Henry Wyatt is heavily edited and filed.


The Mirror Universe

Wyatt arrives in the Mirror Universe and is quickly captured by a Constitution class ship and a Miranda Class.  The captains demanded Wyatt get them to his universe as they’re tired of this life and know there’s another place to go.  After much physical, mental, and emotional abuse, he relented.  He attempts to skew his calculations as far from Earth as possible and in doing so, they end up on the far edges of The Expanse at a Vulcansah prison known as…

The Island of the Damned

In a Vulcansah prison, the defense systems obliterated the two ships.  The crew and Wyatt are taken prisoner and experimented on for years.  Wyatt endures the worst and fears he may never escape until…

USS Mackenzie

Captain Harris and his crew arrive to find the station damaged.  They rescue Henry Wyatt and begin the process of finding out who he is and what he was doing on the Island in the first place.  Eventually, Wyatt is asked to serve as quartermaster and given the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - Present Quartermaster USS Mackenzie
Chief Petty Officer