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William Prentice

Human Male

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Rank & Address

Lieutenant Prentice


Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Daedalus


William Prentice


New York, New York


William is a daredevil.  A helm officer by trade, he’s highly qualified in Tactical and Security.  No risk is too great, and he’s known for antics both at home and in the academy.  Talented and skilled at the helm, he excels under pressure.


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A daredevil who won’t hesitate to take the risks necessary to complete a mission.  Hard-working, confident, and has an ego that needs to be checked every so often.


Early Life (2380-2396)

William “Bill” Prentice was born on 3.1.2380 to Matthew and Portia Prentice in New York City, NY.  His personality quickly became that of a daredevil child.  His parents have many stories of him jumping, falling, rolling, and every other kind of motion – and escaping serious injury most of the time.  In his childhood, he broke each arm and leg twice – all at different times and by different causes.  He graduated high school early in 2396 and immediately applied to Starfleet Academy at 16.

Starfleet Academy (2396-2400)

More daredevil antics marked his academy years as a helm officer in training.  His disciplinary records equal his citation records.  On more than one occasion, he was restricted to quarters for weekends and counseled by multiple instructors about his actions and behavior.  During the first part of his senior year, a fellow cadet names Patricia Polast was killed in a training accident.  While no one cause was identified, multiple cadets were cited for their careless attitudes and attention during the training – Prentice was one of them.  He retreated to his room for the remainder of the year and only attended class before shutting himself back in his room.  He graduated with a Tactical/Security endorsement and was assigned to the USS Erigone as Chief Helm Officer.  He knows his assignment is partially a punishment and a second chance to prove himself.

USS Erigone

He was assigned as Chief Helm on the USS Erigone with the rank of Ensign.

USS Edinburgh (3.14.2400-8.15.2400)

He was transferred as Helm Officer on the New Orleans Class USS Edinburgh.  On June 30, 2400, Commander Ambrose Harris promoted him to Chief Helm Officer.

USS Mackenzie (10.16.2400-3.01.2401)

Transfers with his CO and command team to the USS Mackenzie as Chief Helm Officer on 10.16.2400.  He is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. In February of 2401, he was promoted to Lieutenant.

USS Olympic (03.01.2401 – 7.15.2401)

Transfers as Chief Flight Control Officer.

USS Daedalus (7.15.2401-Present)

Chief Flight Control Officer

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Chief Flight Control Officer USS Daedalus
2401 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Olympic
2400 - 2401 Chief Helm Officer USS Mackenzie
2400 Chief Helm Officer USS Mackenzie
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2400 Chief Helm Officer USS Edinburgh
2400 Helm Officer USS Edinburgh
2399 - 2400 Chief Helm Officer USS Erigone